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I’m excited to announce that the newest book in the Children of Nostradamus Series, Night Legions, is now available on all major eBook retailers. This book will lead into the final chapter of the saga. Fans have spoken and the last book of this story arc will be titled, “Night Covenants,” and is expected to be released in the spring of 2019.

What is different about Night Legions from earlier books in the series?

Things have gotten dark for our heroes. Eleanor has been influencing the world up to this point and finally we start seeing her involvement come to a head. Forces join together and we get a glimpse at the cast as an ensemble for the first time. However, despite a minor victory in the story, each of the characters is forced to come to grips with their own mortality. A war has been brewing behind the scenes and now it’s come front and center and our heroes decide it is time to stop reacting and turn proactive.

How does the story change the Children of Nostradamus world?

Up to this point we’ve seen a war tearing apart the United States thanks to underhanded dealings by President Cecilia Joyce. For the first time we see the outward ripple. We meet important characters from Canada and are confronted by the global ramifications presented by this war. it also changes the very structure of the United States which will leave open a lot of possibilities for future stories. While it won’t be explored in the Children of Nostradamus, there are spin-off novels that will delve into this global world.

Were there any difficult moments writing this book? (Light Spoiler)

There were several moments in this novel that forced me to step away from the laptop. I’ve spent decades with some of these characters and for the first time, I realized not all of them are going to make it out alive. I joke about killing everybody in the book, but when death comes around, I was left feeling like I just got punched in the chest. The characters each represent a little piece of me, and while a death is inevitable in a series like this, it’s the remaining character’s reactions that I find most difficult. It’s like consoling the living at a funeral. The worst part is knowing some of the characters won’t recover.

Are there any new players we should be excited for?

My writing group had a thorough conversation about telepaths. Can two telepaths who speak different languages speak to one another? Would somebody who can read your thoughts let you speak or carry on a one-sided conversation? This conundrum allowed me to develop Azacca, a man with the ability to receive “radio” signals from people equipped with a transmitter. While he connects each of their minds into a hive mind, he is sometimes their collective voice, and other times his cohorts speak from them all. It required coming up with a way to explain his speech patterns and relate how he views the world. The uses for his abilities are vast and play strongly into the story.

Where do we go from here?

That is the question everybody is asking. We have all the answers and we know all the characters. Now it’s time to push through personal baggage and reach for the end goal. The grand loop that has been building is about to come full circle and we’ll finally see how the past and the present have been aligned in a way that will bring closure, but at what cost?

Fans of the story won’t have to wait long, the conclusion of the Children of Nostradamus will come about early next year. And for those who want more, no worries, another series set in the same world is in the works and will launch late next year. Character we’ve only started to discover will have much bigger plots and even grander tales. From the United Kingdom to Canada, the Children of Nostradamus are nowhere near being gone.

Heroes & Villains: A Superhero Collection

In the past year I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing authors. I joined a group of superhero authors (not nearly as many as you’d hope) and we devised a plan. We wanted to bring a collection of novels to readers to introduce them to new authors. Whether you like your superheroes to be aliens, gifted with powers, or cybernetic humans, this collection has a story just for you. We also wanted to make sure it stayed at a low price to reward the awesome fans we’ve met along the way. Check it out and fall in love with heroes and their villains!

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Night Legions Available for Pre-Order

I’m very proud to say that the fourth book in the fast paced, action-packed, superhero series, Children of Nostradamus is now available for pre-order. I need to give a shout out to the awesome folks in my Superhero Street Team. Special recognition to my beta readers, Ken and Sonja who are enduring a first draft. Lastly, a happy early birthday to one of my fans, Meenaz. I promised her the book would be available on her birthday (at least I got the pre-order, right?)

The darkness wears many faces.

Seeking absolution, Conthan discovers the Church of Nostradamus may be more than a cult of Child worshipping radicals. As tensions reach a fevered pitch, the Nighthawks find their fate intertwined with a renegade hacker determined to expose the president. Will their alliance be enough to stop a tyrant incapable of dying?

In Chicago, Jasmine smuggles hunted Children across the border. But when the Canadian Prime Minister reveals himself to be a mentalist, the president moves forces to the Windy City to begin an assault on the north. Can Jasmine outrun her past or will she find that redemption is nothing more than an illusion?

In the battle for Chicago there will be no victor.

Night Legions Available for Pre-Order from Major eBook Retailers.
Releases 08/01/18
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Morning Sun (Prequel)
Night Shadows
Night Legions

15 Random Facts: Welcome to the Weird

I don’t know why this has been stuck in my head all day. But I’ve been dwelling on random little tidbits about myself that others would find quirky or odd. What I discovered, I do some seriously weird shit. I’m sure I’ll have to revisit this list or continue expanding it, but for now, here are 15 little known random facts about me.

  1. For five years in college I listened to the same song, Are You Out There? by Dar Williams, every night going to sleep. My boyfriend at the time did not appreciate this.
  2. I wear a six fifteen 4E shoe. 16 if it’s a 2E.
  3. Run Lola Run is my favorite movie of all time, original German only.
  4. I spent three years reading every X-Men related comic. I haven’t read once since 2015.
  5. I use Miracle Whip & Mayonnaise equally.
  6. I was a creative writing major at my first college. A single professor made me hate it so much I wouldn’t write creatively again for seven years.
  7. I only honor my Scottish heritage despite being equal parts English, Irish and Scottish.
  8. I am both a youngest and only child. My brother Jason passed when I was three weeks old.
  9. I was raised by women while my father was overseas with the military. At one point I lived with my mother, Susan, grandmother, MiMi, and Great-grandmother, Mam.
  10. I have worked at BJ’s, Borders, a credit card company, an herbal viagra company, a tattoo parlor, and a gay travel agency.
  11. The first “story” I wrote in 1987 was on my father’s military laptop which came in a very large briefcase.
  12. I suffer from clinical insomnia and have since I was a teenager.
  13. I once wanted to be a crime scene photographer and have never been bothered by the sight of death.
  14. The tattoo on my leg reads, “Believe in me ’cause I don’t believe in anything, and I wanna be someone who believes.” Mr. Jones and Round Here by the Counting Crows are my favorite songs.
  15. I’ve probably seen Bring it On more than any other movie. I have a love for kickass cheerleaders.

Death by Papercut

I finished writing Night Legions last night. The victory is significant, but it’s overshadowed by feeling I had not anticipated. In the pit of my stomach I have an uncanny sense of sadness. I can’t quite explain it, not with words. But much like the last night before vacation ends or the last bite of your favorite cake, delight is mixed with heartache.

More so than ever before when writing a novel, I am in mourning.

For four books I have grown to love my characters.  They are bits of my soul on a page helping me dissect my emotions and unravel the inner workings of who I am. Last night, one of the characters, a cast member who had been with me since the beginning didn’t survive the finale. I can’t discuss the particulars for fear of giving away the plot, but I allowed character’s unresolved issues to be sorted out. For the first time since I started writing, I debated on correcting the scene and allowing them to live.

It’s twenty-four hours since this horrific scene played out. I miss them. For three years they’ve been a part of my life with almost daily encounters. I’ve watched them grow and they’ve survived my bumbling prose, editors, and even readers. Together we’ve survived the cruelest critics. I sat down tonight to start another chapter and I realized this character no longer had a place on the page. They’d be remembered or perhaps see the page through a flash back, but their journey had come to an end.

Not to get weirdly metaphysical about it, but this year death has been on the forefront of my mind. I’ve withstood two suicides and the death of once close and personal friend. I have never “dealt” with death. I won’t get into expressing my personal beliefs, but being able to detach and view the situation from a scientific standpoint has always helped. Now, here I am with my innards tied in knots over a fictitious character. I ponder if all creators feel this way? Does an artist mourn the selling of their work? After years working on a painting, I imagine there’d be an emotional bond. The pattern of preparing to paint, the act itself, and even the security that develops from the repetition vanishing over night.

Would the artist mourn?

There will be new characters. There may even be characters that are derived from this one. However, for several years now, I found I’ve had the ability to interact with this figment of my imagination as if it were real. Tonight, I go to bed thinking of them. I’ve had the opportunity to watch them grow from innocent to courageous and I enjoyed every step of the way. May readers discover the amazing talents they brought to my novel.

Tonight, I mourn. Tomorrow I create.

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