Morning Sun (Prequel)

Morning Sun (Prequel)
$15.99eBook: $2.99
Series: Children of Nostradamus, Book 0
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Superhero
Publication Year: 2017
Prior to the events of Nighthawks, each of character had a destiny of their own. Before Eleanor Valentine sent her prophetic letters into the world, they fought to be lights in a world slowly going to hell. Morning Sun shows how closely tied they were before and after the intervention of a psychic.
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About the Book

Before their paths crossed…
Before a fragile thread connected their futures…
Before they found themselves humanity’s last hope…

The Nighthawks stood alone.

Armed with visions from the future, Eleanor P. Valentine is about to change the fate of eleven would-be heroes in a last ditch effort to save mankind.

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