Suburban Zombie High: The Reunion

Suburban Zombie High: The Reunion
eBook: $2.99
Series: Suburban Zombie High, Book 2
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: Brave New Words
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 295 Pages
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About the Book

In the five years that have passed, each of the survivors has found ways to cope with the knowledge zombies nearly killed them. A covert team has been investigating the rising dead, quietly silencing outbreaks around the United States. The team has discovered that the next outbreak will take place just down the road from Boxford High at the King David Mall.

The suburban town of Boxford remains oblivious to the heroics of a small band of high schooler’s who kept the zombie apocalypse at bay. Now, the school is rebuilt, and the auditorium is being dedicated to the aloof teachers who vanished in the fire. The few survivors of the great fire have ben invited as guests of honor. In need of clothes worthy of the ceremony, they head to the mall.

With new additions to the cast, they fight their way through zombie hoards and flashmob sales. Angry moms and vicious mall walkers threaten to destroy mankind. While the outbreak ravishes the mall, something darker is afoot and may shake the graduates to their core.

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