Heroes & Villains: A Superhero Collection

In the past year I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing authors. I joined a group of superhero authors (not nearly as many as you’d hope) and we devised a plan. We wanted to bring a collection of novels to readers to introduce them to new authors. Whether you like your superheroes to be aliens, gifted with powers, or cybernetic humans, this collection has a story just for you. We also wanted to make sure it stayed at a low price to reward the awesome fans we’ve met along the way. Check it out and fall in love with heroes and their villains!

Heroes & Villains: A Superhero Collection

Heroes & Villains: A Superhero Collection

Series: Anthologies
Genre: Superhero

In this ten novel boxed set, indie publishing's greatest superhero authors will introduce you to the heroes that save the world and the villains scheming to destroy it. Whether you like dystopian heroes, modern capes and cowls, champions of a bygone era, or guardians past their prime, you'll love th...

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