I.Am.Maine: Stories of Small Town Maine Reviews

This book will make you laugh one minute, then the next minute you’ll feel tears in your eyes. It’s honestly written about the joys of small town life and the hardships that can face rural communities. It’s a beautiful portrait of growing up, reflecting back, and treasuring the relationships and places that shape you. I couldn’t put it down and have re-read it several times! – Hillary Roberts

Great story. Growing up in the area this takes place in I relate to many of the stories. Was fun reading about someone else’s experiences and perspectives from the same area. Highly recommend. – Ghost in the Darkness

Can’t remember how I stumbled onto to Jeremy’s work but, as they say in Maine, “wicked” happy that I did. Maine has some pretty cool authors and Jeremy is certainly one! Love the humor, cuz, if you grew up in Maine, there is plenty to laugh about, in retrospection ! Good job, Jeremy and thanks! – Amazon Customer

Wonderfully written, you won’t be able to put it down. Certainly makes a person relive their youth and what it is like to grow up in small town Maine. Really …. you won’t be disappointed. – Dolores Doble

My mother loved this book so much that I could not wait for her to finish reading it so that I could begin. She said she would put it down but found herself picking it up again and again. She was hooked. When I finally got my turn to read it, I too was captured by the tales of the small town and each story took me on an adventure through the past calling to mind the changes that have happened both the local culture and to society at large. I laughed, I cried, my heart was moved by the many stories and personal memories. – Mary

I think this is a wonderful and accurate portrayal of what it is actually like growing up in a small town in Maine! Even without looking at the pictures I was able to visualize what the author was seeing and experiencing in each and every moment. When I saw the cover for the first time I could not wait to start reading—I am definitely a train girl. The picture on the cover reminded me of the sights, sounds, and smells I experienced throughout my childhood growing up across the street from a train yard; it brought tears to my eyes. I loved this book and look forward to reading many more from this author! – Megan Marsh