Morning Sun Book Reviews

This series has a nice range of superpowers that are both familiar and some unique. They are described in good detail, and what is done particularly well is the portrayal of how these powers have upended their lives. People tossed in insane asylums, on the run from the government, hunted by those who would use them for their own means, at their heart, they’re just people who happen to have powers, and as such, have very relatable emotions. – Indie Reader

These are the backstories of the heroes of Flagg’s Nighthawks, Children themselves, an unlikely grouping of heroes. This added dimension to the characters is not only edgy, sarcastic, and downright action-packed fun; it deepens the shadows of these future heroes. Fans of the series will love the added depth. – Amazon Reviewer

Jeremy’s created an amazing world through his last two books, so a chance to delve deeper into it is hard to resist….going to work be damned! – Amazon Reviewer