Night Shadows: Children of Nostradamus Press Release

For release February 14th
Contact: Jeremy Flagg, Clinton, Massachusetts

Sophomore Superhero Novel Takes a Darker Turn

Jeremy Flagg returns to the dystopian superhero world in Night Shadows (February 14th, 2017; Limitless Publisher), his sequel to the 2016 Nighthawks. Drawing upon the chaotic and dark Children of Nostradamus world, he delves deeper into the characters and continues to ask the question, “In a world where people can predict the future, is there free will?

One year after the events of Nighthawks, the United States of America finds itself in a civil war. The military seeks to overthrow the President in an attempt to restore order. As the clash of the titans erupts on American soil, the Nighthawks seek stray Children of Nostradamus and relocate them to the isolated town of Troy, New York.

Unlike Nighthawks, the rise of a shadow government delves more into the world in which people with superpowers live and expands on the science fiction of this not so distant future. Characters form relationships, find themselves in turmoil, and question their humanity as they move forward.

While Flagg may have been inspired by the comics he read as a kid, Night Shadows is a farewell voyage from the stories where heroes are good, and the righteous win. In a world drunk with power and victim of corruption, can a small band of rebels save it from disaster?

About the Author

Jeremy Flagg has written several books including the ya Suburban Zombie High Series as well as a non-fiction book memoir, I.Am.Maine: Stories of Small Town Maine. He lives and writes in Metrowest Massachusetts. For more information visit

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