Nighthawk: Children of Nostradamus Reviews

In times like these, we need some heroes. In a dark and broken world, sometimes Fate is the only thing you can count on. Yes, often it seems that superheroes have been done to death, but as the old adage goes, no story is original, and NIGHTHAWKS by Jeremy Flagg is as fresh as they come. I’d love to see this on the silver screen. – Pete Kahle, Bloodshot Books

This book is just as fast-paced as the comics which influenced Flagg’s work, with brief but effective interludes to develop the characters and immense backstory which spans 4 decades. It combines the ever-popular dystopian world with superheroes who aren’t really all that different from us on the inside. I also appreciate the nuances within the story. Although Conthan is the main character, you can easily see that this is true only on the surface–Conthan is the Point-of-View character who allows us the reader to enter Flagg’s world rather than simply be an outsider looking in on all of these beings we can’t connect with. The main characters (at least as I see this story) are women–one long dead, one powerful and beautiful. This is what I appreciated most about Nighthawks–the female characters get just as much screen-time as the males, and are equal or stronger in power. Flagg doesn’t discriminate and tactfully includes a variety of diversity. – Jessi Robinson

Chock full of action, and just enough back story to want to know more. If you like comic books, superheroes, or fast paced adventures, this is a book for you. It’s a fun read even if you’ve never read a comic, but perhaps enjoy the comic based movies, and / or sci-fi or adventure films. Jeremy Flagg engages his readers by showing us a world that is dark and broken, but he has given us just enough light in the form of hope and wonderfully unique and likeable characters that we want to find out whether all is lost or not. I appreciate the depth of these characters. They are not just good or evil, but as in real life, they are a wonderfully complex mixture. We see the humanity of these characters, what is good about them as well as their flaws. We can relate to them because of this. They may have “super” human abilities, but at their core, they are just like us – human. – C. Alden

Firstly, I have to say, I was immediately drawn in by the author’s descriptive telling of the super-human powers his characters possess. He didn’t just tell us someone was a telepath, he showed us in a descriptive, suck-you-in kind of way. While reading, I could feel the pull of thoughts and sense the power that surged through the Children of Nostradamus. In this way, this book stood out for me from the superheroes I had read about and seen in neon spandex suits in the past. It was refreshing and engaging and kept me invested and involved as the story unfolded. – Amazon Customer

If you enjoy dystopian novels, I highly recommend this book! This book brings elements of superhero-like characters to a dystopian society. Each character is well developed and an intricate part of the story. The story is action packed and keeps you guessing. I’m so excited that this is only book 1 and I can’t wait to read the next one! – RC

Finally, a tightly woven and highly intelligent dystopian story that breaks conventions in the genre. The characters are well thought out and the plot keeps you thinking throughout all the action and backstory. I’m really looking forward to how this series of books plays out. If you are fans of series like Divergent and Hunger Games, this one will surely elevate you to the next level. – Edmon Jacobs