Only the Light We Make Press Release

For release November 26th
Contact: Jeremy Flagg

Volume 3 in The Tales from the world of Adrian’s Undead Diary
Only the Light We Make

Since 2010, Chris Philbrook’s zombie-filled world of Adrian Ring has grown, enveloping hundreds of thousands of readers, and creating a cast of characters that are both beloved, and reviled.

Time for more.

Releasing on November 25th 2016, Only the Light We Make is the second anthology set in Adrian’s world, the third in the Tales series, and brings in new voices of some of the post-apocalyptic and zombie genre’s most talented authors.

“We Cease to Exist,” by Jeremy Flagg delves into the solitary nature experienced during the end of the world. When Judith finds herself trapped in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston she’s left with a startling reality, she may be the last person to every experience the beauty hanging on the walls. Somewhere hidden in the museum is her ex-girlfriend, a woman she’s sworn to kill. But even zombies can’t compete with the monsters in her head.

From ‘that day’ to The White Room, from one minute of hell to ten months of survival, these new glimpses into the world of AUD through the eyes and words of new writers is guaranteed to entertain.

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Foreword by Mark Tufo, with stories by: Chris Philbrook, James Dean, James Pyne, Josh Green, Phillip Tomasso, Jay Wilburn, Christopher T. MacDonald, C.A. Hoaks, Adam Carpenter, Dave Lund, Remy Flagg, Brian Parker, Joe Tremblay, Shannon Walters, and J.D. Demers.

About Jeremy Flagg

Jeremy Flagg has written several books including the young adult Suburban Zombie High Series as well as a non-fiction book memoir, I.Am.Maine: Stories of Small Town Maine. He lives and writes in Metrowest Massachusetts. For more information visit

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