Only the Light We Make Reviews

Purchased this book and I will tell you every story in it is above average in keeping me interested and eager to read more from the various authors who contributed…the stories are well written,suspenseful and I hated when they ended. – Robin AntJoesMom

This is an excellent collection of short stories by a talented group of authors. I loved the insights into the world of AUD. We get to see what other people are experiencing at the time of the zombie apocalypse, plus some cameos from our favorite characters. Fans will not want to miss this one! – David Hilley Jr.

I’ve been waiting many months for this book since it was announced and now having finished it, it was well worth the wait. Those familiar with the AUD Universe will recognize some cameos and tie ins that will make you squee. For those of you who aren’t do yourselves a favor and go read the series. You’ll enjoy it. – Christopher MacDonald