Suburban Zombie High Reviews

Flagg did a spectacular job of blending action, humor & horror. There was a natural rhythm to the story telling that made the quick, uptempo changes easy to follow. Highly recommended for fans of well written genre blending story telling. – Ghost in the Darkness

Jeremy Flagg did a phenomenal job with this book, one would think he was just a few years out of High School himself. He nailed the teen state of mind. I look foreword to reading more in this series. – Phoebe Jackson

The only thing worse than high school is one filled with zombies. This story has both, and I found it a rollicking high energy ride. It is filled with blood, guts and gore, and teenage angst. That’s a potent combination. – Joanne Mewshew

The characters are colorful and engaging, and the plot hits all your favorite zombie-apocalypse notes. I flew through this book in a couple of days, often reading several more chapters at a sitting than I meant to. – Amanda Kahl

Suburban Zombie High proves not only to be a funny, dramatic story, but also a sarcastic one. Flagg incorporates the essence of high school awkwardness combined with a life or death situation. To say the least, he nailed it on the head. – Alexa Wilcox