Wicked Witches Reviews

Instead of using the same tired old cliches in these stories, the authors provided a wide variety of perspectives and approaches to witches. In “Access Violation” by Jeremy Flagg, we get witchcraft as a form of hacking. – The Book Haunt

This is my favorite anthology of 2016. Every single story is dark and rich and flavorful like a mouthful of dark chocolate laced with cognac. There are stories that will make you cringe, some will make you shudder and more than one will make you cry. – C. J. McCoy

I found the stories in Wicked Witches to be diverse, engrossing, and totally enjoyable. This may seem like a narrow theme for such a large anthology, but each story had it’s own unique vision keeping the collection fresh from start to finish. – Frank Errington

his anthology is chock full of spooky tales of witches that range in nature from recluse witches who meddle with herbs while hiding away in the woods, to dark witches who may appear ordinary in life, but hide supernatural powers, to evil witches who have no shame. There is something for everyone in this anthology — that is if you are fascinated by the lore of witchcraft. – April L. Wood