Morning Sun: Children of Nostradamus Press Release

For release May 1st 
Contact: Jeremy Flagg, Clinton, Massachusetts

Flagg Brings Superhero Back to their Origins

Jeremy Flagg continues his superhero series in Morning Sun (May 1sh, 2017; Brave New Words), the third book in the Children of Nostradamus series. However, Flagg decides to delve into the origin stories of twelve characters and label this Book #0 in his series. The characters are familiar, but we see a new dimension as we learn about them before their rise to heroes.


Unlike his previous superhero books, Morning Sun features individual short stories of the twelve principle characters of his story. Each story features one primary character days, months or years before the events of Nighthawks. Because of this, readers will see new dimensions to fan favorites and watch as a world descends into darkness. Each of the stories weaves together with common elements and cross-over secondary characters giving hints of what is to come and how the rest of his series may play out.

Flagg continues to focus on the humanity of people gifted with extraordinary powers. He maintains a human element to these titans, refusing to let the book slip away into the often-times over-the-topness of superhero comics. Drawing from a wide range of character backgrounds including sexual orientation, ethnicity, and gender, Flagg continues to relate the characters in a way that represents the real world.

About the Author

Jeremy Flagg has written several books including the ya Suburban Zombie High Series as well as a non-fiction book memoir, I.Am.Maine: Stories of Small Town Maine. He lives and writes in Metrowest Massachusetts. For more information visit

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