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Suburban Zombie High Trilogy Box Set Unleashed

The zombie apocalypse may be the only thing worse than a geometry pop quiz…

3 Books. 800+ pages of zombie infestations and over-the-top hillarity.

Boxford High pranksters cause a chemistry lab to go wrong and students are forced to face something far worse than S.A.T.’s and cafeteria lunches – an infection that turns students into zombies scouring the halls for survivors.

A group of unlikely companions; an artistic goth, star-athlete jock, disgruntled loner, would-be marine, sassy cheerleader, and angry Asian, must fend off the living dead. As they fight through locker rooms and dance their way across the theater, they will find surviving zombies is more complicated than puberty.

Will they be able to put aside their differences to fend off the zombie apocalypse before the infection reaches beyond the walls of their suburban high school.

The Suburban Zombie High Trilogy includes three fast-paced zombie novels and three unreleased short stories. If you’re a fan of zombies, corporate conspiracies, and overly dramatic teens, then you’ll love this satire of the zombie genre.

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Suburban Zombie High Back to School Sale



It’s that time of the year when students head back to school. While this might be traumatic to youngsters, parents are busy rejoicing with their newfound freedom. I thought, how about I help ease you into these nine months of leisure. Both book 1 and book 2 are $.99 to take up some of that free time you’re scared by. Both books highlight the humor, both funny and tragic, that can be found in high schools. Remember that goth girl? That jock you hated? That bitchy cheerleader? Each of them are found in Suburban Zombie High and if you’re lucky, they meet an untimely demise in which you can cheer. Only on sale for a few days, pick up your digital copy now!

Success of I.Am.Maine

I am very happy to say that I.Am.Maine: Stories of Small Town Maine has been very successful by my definition. I’ve managed to stay in Amazon’s Top #100 Regional Memoirs for the Northeast for several weeks now. I’ve sold more copies than originally anticipated and of course I’ve gotten to read more amazing stories about people connecting to their roots.

With success comes the inevitable, “What’s next?”

IMG_2189I posted this photograph to Facebook a few days ago. For me, passing this mailbox on my way to Lakeview always made me chuckle. The mailbox reminded me of myself. A little battered, a little makeshift, but still kicking even if it ain’t so pretty. It reminded me of the people of Maine. Of course, I had to stop and photograph it, because like many things in Maine, the passage of time is none-to-kind. Much like when my parents were kids, the memories that connect me to my youth are all that remains. To document this, I began to frantically capture my childhood before it was reclaimed by the forest to which we pay rent.

While I.Am.Maine gave me a chance to reconnect to my roots and spill the memories that are my foundation, there was always something missing. By exposing my history, people read my words while they walked their own journey to their past. I feel the need to take that another step further, and allow the creativity of actions to speak as loud as my words. I’m pondering my ability to capture on film this sense of loss I feel and if I can express it through more than prose.

Meanwhile, I’m near done editing Suburban Zombie High: The Reunion. I should have that at some point this summer. It’s going well, I’m just polishing the humor and making sure it sits well with readers. Overall, the writing thing is going strong and there should be plenty of being put out there shortly! As always, thanks for the support, it’s truly appreciated.


Suburban High School Character Inspirations – Nurse Harts

Artwork by Cordelia JonesSuburban Zombie High
Nurse Harts
She’d be described as compassionate, incompetent and busty. Nurse Harts is the school nurse and provider of Tylenol and cold compresses. Her lack of medical knowledge makes her barely qualified to apply band-aids to the students. However, underneath the bubbly personality and bodacious shirt splitting body, she has some semblance of common sense. She owns her sexuality and understands that she’s the hottest thing to walk the halls of Boxford High School.


I love writing Nurse Harts. She has a mix of dripping sexuality that would rock the world of any teenage boy but she is completely unqualified for her job. She always makes me think she got slung into the position simply for the fact she would look amazing in a nurse’s outfit (even when it’s the tattered remains of the uniform.)

The origins of Nurse Harts is not derived from reality. Every school nurse that I have come across both as a student or as a professional has been more of the doting motherly type. I needed to find inspiration for a woman who could potentially be the cure for the zombie outbreak. Originally she would find the cure, but after watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit, I decided I needed a character who had sex appeal in this novel. With each character manifesting one particular personality trait, I decided to use Nurse Harts to manifest her sex.

Nurse Harts pulls her personality from a style of rag novels in which women were helpless except for the men that protected them. She is helpless other than her sex appeal, but unlike her origins, she has no problem weaponizing her sexuality. She has moments in which sees her own stereotype and runs counter to the expectation. She is the female counterpart to the Teacher but is fully aware that he has no redeemable qualities and uses him like a toy.

Upon the first beta reading of her character I made the simple assumption that everybody would know she was the hot nurse. I later discovered that the common experience was that all school nurses were undeniably “not hot.” This required some rewriting to produce the “sex kitten” appearance. It also made me ponder, how many more scratches, belly aches and migraines would teenage boys suffer? Knowing my friends they’d be willingly breaking bones on a daily basis.

The question about Nurse Harts is, will her air head ways be her pitfall or will she master her sexual prowess to emerge victorious during the zombie apocalypse.

Creative Collaborations

Olivia CasualI have always found that in the creative field, it is always worth your time to collaborate. This could be collaborating with others in your own medium, but I found there is something especially enchanting about exchanging ideas with somebody in a medium vastly different from your own.

I have my writing group, which I can not explain my appreciation enough to do them justice. Having an environment to sit down, delve into characters and share thoughts about writing techniques, or even swapping combat stories is invaluable. Not sure I’d say I’ve reached a new level because of them, but they’d support me if I wanted to make the jump.

Recently, I’ve been collaborating with an artist, a former student from my school. I thought, it’d be fun to talk about my characters, what inspired them and even more juicy, who inspired them. For me, it’s helpful just having a reference and at times, helps inspire me.

Cordelia Jones took my quick character write-ups and began literally giving my words shape. I have fifteen characters in my first book, far more than I had originally thought. Some survive the apocalypse, others find themselves falling just short. She took these brief descriptions and with just a rough concept of the book put her pencil to paper.

She’s mean and sends me teasers. But at the same time, each email I get a bit excited to see what might be happening on her end of the project. The sketches have been awesome, and the best part of them, they are absolutely nothing like what I thought they would be. She got the commission because she’s a talented artist with her own ability to think, analyze and interpret. I wiped my hands and said, “No directions, this is yours.” Her thought process is making me excited to get back into the writing and start reading with a fresh set of eyes. It’s provided much-needed motivation.

If given the chance, find other creatives to be around. Celebrate creativity in its many forms. You’ll find that it helps refuel your mind and when you find other people excited about expressing themselves, you go back to your work with a new charge. For me, I’m excited again and now I have work to accomplish…

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