It’s been quite a journey, but after years of working on the blog, visiting Maine to take photography, and conspiring with fellow writers, I.Am.Maine has a physical manifestation. I’m proud that a small blog had the opportunity to reach so many readers. Through I.Am.Maine I was able to connect with residents of small towns, both in and out of Maine. I told stories and was told stories. I got the chance to hide amongst the recesses of my mind and relive fond memories of my childhood.I’ve decided to do something a little different with I.Am.Maine. Many people had a hand in this project, and I wanted to offer a way to specialize the book. Because of this, I will be offering signed copies of I.Am.Maine until February 20th, 2015. Books will ship towards the end of February. After that the book will be available through Amazon. To purchase a signed edition of the book, use the Paypal link to the right.

For those who are interested in purchasing but do not have Paypal, leave your email in the comments and I will contact you with instructions.

Thank you again for this amazing experience.