img_8342Okay I haven’t updated in a while. I want to get back to a regular posting schedule. Geekery Reviews on Monday’s and something fun later in the week. I’ve been consumed with writing short stories for anthologies the last couple of months that it has taken me this long to climb out of the slush pile. On a good note, as of right now I believe my work will appear in three upcoming anthologies. There might even be a fourth, but we’ll see. I’ve been hard at work, and it seems the harder I work, the less time I have for a blog. But alas, I shall update!

Currently I have short stories in the New England Horror Writers‘, “Wicked Witches,” focused on, you guessed it, witches in all settings. Mine happens to be a futuristic cyberpunk magic infused dystopia. I then attempted to try my hand at a more traditional horror concept in the Horror Writers of Maine‘s, “Northern Frights.” Fearful of a building in my hometown of Brownville Junction gave way to ghost story in a deserted town. I’m currently waiting to hear back about a zombie story submitted for Chris Philbrook‘s third anthology set in the Adrian’s Undead Diary universe, “Only the Light We Make.” Last is a short story for Meerkat Press in the “Behind the Mask,” anthology with my story, “Secret Identities Incorporated.” I’m hustling to get my name out there, and you can’t argue when you see one of your anthology’s already receiving press!


Meanwhile, in the novel front, I have signed the book deal for Night Shadows, Book 2 in the Children of Nostradamus Series. I have also made it roughly a quarter of the way into Book 3, working title, Night Wars. I believe this particular arc will end with four books. But at the request of many readers, I plan on releasing an anthology of short stories featuring each of the characters in a setting before the events of Nighthawks.

img_8343I still have a handful of I.Am.Maine: Snapshots of Small Town Maine available. I’ve been mailing them out as the orders come in. I’m excited to get them out to the public. It’s been fun hearing people’s reactions and strolling down memory lane. Once this batch of books are gone, they’re gone for good. I wanted to keep it limited to a small number of books, both for my sanity, and because I wanted to keep it an intimate affair. So thank you for making this a success!

img_8345I’ve also been attempting to work the circuit and meet other writers to help myself grow and just be an all around better writer. Thanks to the awesomeness of Chris Golden and James A. Moore, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing writers, many whom I’ve grown very close to. It’s been a wild ride, and they’ve been providing guidance. I think this will become more obvious in the coming years. I have some seriously big things cooking. If you’re interested in joining or interested in meeting other authors (or even just bumping into me) check out the Calendar and join us! I mean, how can you say no to these pretty mugs?

Thanks for following me on this crazy journey. Be well, and I hope to hear from you!