ToDoListI keep my stickies opened at all times on my computer. It doesn’t matter what else I have going on or how many times I reboot (which is never) they’re always there. Hidden within each stickie is my todo list for a particular area of my house. Right now I’ve managed to whittle it down to “Writing,” “Home Repair,” and “Work.” Each grows faster than it shrinks.

At the start of the year, at the suggestion of a member of my writing group, I decided to make some goals for myself. Some are easily obtainable, some are stretch goals, and others are “only with the grace of God,” goals. I’ve managed to put a project into the “published” category, and now I’m waiting to break out the red pen and sign preorders of I.Am.Maine. That will mark the end of a very huge project that has stretched years.

My next project which I think is well within reach is finishing the sequel of Suburban Zombie High. The characters are currently being edited and the layout of their latest battlefield is being tweaked. Overall, the project is coming along nicely. I can see it being ready near the start of summer. With that project done, it’s time to move into the stretch goals, or as I like to refer to it, “The ToDo List I’m scared to Make.”

Stretch Goals: 
Revisit Children of Nostradamus, read Beta Reader Comments
Revise and Rewrite CoN
Prepare Query Letter
Start reaching out to Agents

I’ve given myself a huge bit of time to work on this goal. It’s the scariest and the most “real” of any of my goals. It requires me to put my faith in people other than my readers and I foresee a lot of ups and downs. Thankfully, I’m on track to have so much time, I think I can hope for either an agent at the end of the year, or the realization that the project will never move forward. Either way, the year is underway and progress is being made.

Now back to writing.