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I got a chance to sit at the Black Fly Festival yesterday and while I was nervous, it was an amazing experience. I had a space overlooking the dam, the breeze was blowing and it never got too hot. The setting was perfect. What amazed me even more were the fans. Yes, I’m finally starting to say I have fans. It still sounds weird. I had people coming up and saying, “I brought my copy, can you sign it?” and even more so, “I bought a copy, but my mother stole it, I’ll have to get another one.”

I got to see old friends and talk about life. But I was amazed at how many people wanted to hear more stories. It was like I was coming up with stuff to be put into a second book (who, knows, it may happen?) I had family friends endorsing my book to passerbys and others asking me about other projects I’ve worked on. Moms saw the Suburban Zombie High book and told their teens, “Read the back and see if you like it,” and what do you know, the kids were thrilled to pick it up.

Overall, it was a good experience, I’ll post plenty more about it when I get back home. I might even come back to do another event in Brownville during the summer. However, because it went so well, and I had such a good time talking to people, I felt it’s only appropriate to offer signed copies! I’ll be offering them for the next week. The cost is $16.99 and that includes Shipping & Handling! If you’d like me to write to someone special or want specific names, leave it in the special instructions. There are limited numbers so make sure you get your copy of I.Am.Maine while you can!