Alyssa Rahim

Alyssa Rahim is born in the West Bronx on May 28, 2006 to parents Aamin and Kumailah. At a young age, Alyssa rallies against her father’s traditional Islamic beliefs. She takes ballet classes behind her father’s back. She notices changes in her body and while being one of the top dancers she can now perform unlike ever before, she can perfect techniques with uncanny speed. Her father, a physician, is the first to realize his daughter is a Child of Nostradamus.

Thanks to her mother, Alyssa’s father begrudgingly condones her dancing. With an outstanding academic record, he expects her to follow in his footsteps and become a trauma surgeon. Discovering her admission tape for the Juilliard School of Performing Arts, he is furious at her for keeping secrets. Shortly after, both Aamin and Kumailah die in a car crash.

Overwhelmed with grief, she returns to the community center to lose herself in dance. She meets Koji, a martial arts instructor who discovers her ability to translate visual stimuli into muscle memory. Wanting to honor her parents, she wears a hijab and vows a life of modesty. To continue her father’s work saving lives, she and Koji liberate persecuted Children and help them evacuate to the Outlands. Branded an outlaw, she flees New York and journeys to Boston seeking refugees.

Vanessa Morrigan recruits Alyssa to be part of the protection detail to keep Children safe. She quickly agrees. Her role morphs as Boston comes under fire and the Children are evacuated. Wanting to save more Children, she helps lead the charge against the New York Research Facility, a detainment center for captured Children. Rescuing Conthan, he deems their team of freedom fighters, the Nighthawks. Eventually, their involvement would lead to the Battle of Chicago and the New York Genocide.

Emerging victorious, Alyssa finds it difficult returning to life as a civilian. President Twenty-Seven recruits her, Gretchen and Skits for covert operations on foreign soil. While she helps prevent crimes against humanity, she sees the Wet Works operation becoming political and lacking the goodwill she once supported. Wanting out, she returns to Troy, where Conthan enlists her to oversee Tower security.

Alyssa sits as one of the Council the Tower’s governing body. She helps it become a refugee center for all Children fleeing persecution. Wanting to train the next generation, she begins the Sentinel program, and enlists young Children to help protect the Tower. When synthetics attack the Tower, she watches her students fight back. Despite their victory, she mourns the deaths of several students.

Discovering the attack part of a bigger plot. The Knights of Windsor attack the Tower, and she realizes they have kidnapped her former teammate Skits. She leaves her life at the Tower and pause her budding relationship with hacker, Needles. She promises Conthan to watch over his adoptive daughter and rescue Skits. Once in the United Kingdom, she finds a cruel system that steals Children from their parents and trains them to be an elite fighting force for the British Empire. After saving Skits, she recommits herself to protecting Children and enters the conflict between the Empire and Caledonia.