Corporate Espionage at Data Center

A data node is reported stolen from the one of the Reconstruction Data Centers in Chicago. Police are turned away as Genesis Division claims the data node contains classified documents. Reports suggest corporate espionage from Japanese rival.

Dr. Walker Vanishes

Dr. Walker, respected historian from the University of Chicago is reported missing. There is no record of him leaving the city. Chicago PD quickly abandons search assuming it is a case of murder without a body. Daughter Madison refuses to accept her father has...

Genesis Division Develops Phantasm

To help calm the masses, Genesis Division the Phantasm, a fully immersive virtual reality simulation. Throughout the world, Hubs are developed as places where people can be partake in infinite simulations from historical to fantastical.

The Tower is Attacked

Surveillance footage suggests that a contingent of synthetics surviving from the Massacre of New York arrives at the Tower. The walls are breeched and synthetics assault the Tower and its residents. It is unknown if there are any casualties.

Wetworks Initiative Founded

Rumors state that the Free Republic of America has enlisted Children of Nostradamus for both domestic and international neutralization of potential worldwide threats. No evidence exists to support these rumors. Attention is directed at the Free Republic’s...