Ceann kills Cadet Instructor

Records state that during a routine training simulation, a cadet is killed by the instructor. In a fit of rage, another cadet slays the instructor and is imprisoned indefinitely by the Knights of Winchester.

Ceann is Recruited to the Knights

All Children of Nostradamus are recruited by the Knights of Winchester and stripped of their identities as part of their cadet program. This continues to create an army of powered individual dedicated to the Queen and the people of the British Empire.

Susan Lee Moves in with Eleanor

Understanding that being a woman in New York City is dangerous, Frank pushes Eleanor to seek a roommate. Within minutes of meeting Susan Lee, Eleanor realizes she has met her match. Described as opposites in nearly every aspect, Susan Lee moves in.

Frank Starts AA

After years of battling his fondness of alcohol, Eleanor urges Frank to begin a new program for boozehounds called Alcoholics Anonymous. Frank attends his first meeting and realizes that he’s not alone in his desire to drown his sorrows with spirits.

Frank Wright Opens Veteran Gym

Taking a family owned building previously used as an automotive shop, Frank Wright opens the a gym for veterans. The clientele is based of military displaced due to injuries making them unfit to serve in the military during the war.