Wicked Witches Authors

Writing is the easy part. Let me repeat that, the easiest part about being a writer is the writing. Once I learned you have to write to be a writer (it’s funny to say, but people struggle with that) it became the easiest part of this crazy world. The idea of sitting down and banging out a few thousand words each day isn’t hard, or even difficult. I make time to write, and thankfully my life affords me plenty of time to delve into my novels.

Once you’ve submitted the manuscript there comes a whole lot of effort behind the scenes to market, promote, and collaborate on projects. Thankfully I’ve been lucky to stumble onto a great group of people who have made this relatively painful, and fairly fun to do. I hope everybody can find the writers they gel with as it not only helps being around similar people, it’s a professional booster when you need it.

So what do I have in the pipeline right now? A lot.


Wicked Witches: An Anthology by the New England Horror Writers is doing pretty well and holding in the top 100 of Horror Anthologies. We even had a moment in the charts where we were holding our own against a new release by Stephen King. While I secretly hoped for the #1 position, if I have to lose to somebody, I’m glad it’s the horror Titan himself.

Along with promoting the book, I also had the opportunity to do my first public reading at Pandemonium Books & Games in Cambridge. I was nervous and trying not to shake like a leafy on a windy day, but I managed. I got some laughs and I got a few “ohhs,” so I’m going to call it a success. It was great to hang out with other contributors to the anthology and talk to avid readers about writing and what it’s like to work with other authors.


I also have another anthology coming up. I am a contributor in Chris Philbrook’s “Only the Light We Make” a collection of stories set in the world of his best-selling series, “Adrian’s Undead Diaries.” While I have dabbled in zombies, it’s mostly be satire and poking fun at the genre. This was a good chance to blend a more serious tone with the walking dead.

What excites me most about this, one of my stories will be in audiobook format for the first time in my writing career. While I have pondered doing this for my own books, it’s on the back burner while I try to complete some upcoming projects.

In other news, Night Shadows: Children of Nostradamus Book 2 is just about done being edited and then it’s off to the publisher for some polishing. I’m happy to say I see a plot unfolding and look forward to the remaining two books in this segment of the story. In preparation for the launch on February 14th, I am putting together a group of guest writers to talk about topics in comic books. Once I have more information solidified I’ll share. Expect some regular postings coming up, I’d like to spend more time blogging in the near future! In the meantime, sign up for the mailing list for updates.