Black Fly Festival LogoI will be attending my first event as an author. I’ll be at the Black Fly Festival in Milo, Maine on June 13th. While it’s not my first event as a vendor, peddling goods, it will be the first time I’m attending an event and peddling books as an author. I figure there isn’t any better time to jump into the lime light, and it’s the perfect event. Who else would be interested in books about growing up in a small town in central Maine than the people I’m writing about? Perfect.

Thankfully my mother and I have done events before when we did wedding photography. While I’m a bit nervous, nothing can be more intimidating than a room full of brides and their mothers. I think this has prepared me for anything the small town of Milo can throw at me. Of course I did have to get some support. I talked to the lovely Amanda Kahl a professional con-goer now with Age of Night, and the recently discovered fellow author Chris Philbrook who I ironically discovered at a convention. They were extremely helpful in giving me suggestions and support for going into the event. Now I’m pretty much equipped, ready to go, and looking forward to a day of schmoozing with my kin.

So if you’re free June 13th, would love to see you down by the boat landing in Milo. I’ll be there signing books, chatting with locals and taking far too many photographs. Would love to see old friends and soon-to-be friends!