The Night Quartet: Book 1

He didn’t ask for limitless power.

Conthan’s only talents are sarcasm and art. That is, until he learns he’s a Child of Nostradamus with the ability to teleport. When his newfound powers kill a Marine, he finds himself hunted by the military’s elite.

He is not the only one in danger.

Conthan discovers his future entwined with a warden bent on corrupting imprisoned Children. As he unravels a conspiracy about to destroy the country, will he sacrifice his humanity to become a hero?

Fans of X-Men & X-Force will love this fast-paced introduction to the Children of Nostradamus Universe.

Night Shadows

The Night Quartet: Book 2

Murder isn’t in the hero handbook.

A year after joining the Nighthawks, Conthan feels anything but heroic. He fulfilled the prophecy of a dead psychic, but the stain of the warden lingers. In the cold of night he battles a crippling self-doubt by waging war on the synthetic army.

A secret society unleashes a second civil war.

Jasmine can’t standby and watch the world plummet into darkness as the society rises to power. Controlling the synthetics means her kind are marked for extinction. Her freedom from the military will mean nothing if she’s dead.

Continue with the super powered sequel to Nighthawks in book two of the Children of Nostradamus Universe.

Night Legions

The Night Quartet: Book 3

The darkness wears many faces.

Conthan seeks peace in the church of Nostradamus. But hidden amongst their flock, rebels look to him for leadership. For the first time, Conthan can see an end to an ongoing war. He can stop the madman, but only if he becomes a ruthless killer.

In the battle for Chicago there will be no victor.

Dwayne hated killing, but his powers make him an expert. He stomachs the violence when it’s the enemy. Now, he must decide if he’s capable of turning those destructive powers on the Nighthawks in order to save the world.

Delve into the Children of Nostradamus Universe as the Night Quartet descended into an all out civil war.

Night Covenants

The Night Quartet: Book 4

Nobody walks away unscathed.

Conthan refused to kill his mentor. With an act of mercy, he placed the fate of mankind in the hands of a madman with no equals. Conthan fears the only way emerge victorious is to surrender what’s left of his humanity to his powers

To defeat a powerful man, there must be a powerful woman.

Sentenced to die in the Outlands, Twenty-Seven now leads the rebellion. But it’s the war between her past and present that has the potential to break her. She stands on the front lines ready to save the world, or at least she hopes.

The Children of Nostradamus Universe will never be the same in this climatic conclusion to the Night Quartet.

Morning Sun

The Night Quartet: Prequel

Even death couldn’t stop her.

Eleanor Valentine spent her life deciphering visions of the future. She counted the days until she would be murdered by her closest friend. But before the trigger is pulled, she must rewrite the fate of eleven would-be heroes in a last-ditch effort to save mankind.

Who were they before the Nighthawks?

From an angel able to read minds, to an invisible socialite, to a soldier with impenetrable skin, each destiny Eleanor manipulated exposes a decaying world desperate for heroes. 

Morning Sun is a collection of short stories taking place before the Night Quartet.

Awaken the Daughter

The Dawning of Superheroes: Book 1

What would you sacrifice to change a future soaked in blood?

Eleanor sees fragments of the future, but despite her efforts, she can’t alter destiny. Even as a young woman surviving in 1943, she believes the visions are a curse from the Devil himself. But when she finds a grifter with the ability to read her mind, she realizes she is not alone.

A killer stalks those with gifts.

Eleanor tempts fate and sets out to stop the murders. But in her quest to protect those like her, Eleanor discovers something darker than murder living in the souls of men. To be victorious, she only needs to unwrite the future.

Fans of urban fantasy, superheroes and bold kick-ass women will fall in love with Eleanor as she ushers in the Rise of Superheroes.

Anoint the Daughter

The Dawning of Superheroes: Book 2

The ghosts do not lie. 

For Eleanor, the future is written in stone, or is it? As a bloody war spreads across Europe, the mob seizes control of New York City. Unable to stand by as crime lord corrupts her home, Eleanor stalks the streets in a mask, weaponizing her ability to see the future. But when the Society strikes first, she must face a foe with gifts of her own.

There must always be four.

Eleanor finds the Society has its hooks in more than just mobsters. She discovers those around her are keeping secrets and not who they say. When the Society offers Eleanor a partnership, she must decide if she is strong enough to change the future of a sinister cabal. 

Ascend the Daughter

The Dawning of Superheroes: Book 3

They exposed her lies.

The city has a new kingpin with limitless resources and the ability to enslave those who oppose her. Her friends have turned their backs and her relationship is in ruins. For six months, she has thought of nothing but revenge. But first, she has to put the ghosts of her past to rest.

An act of justice will lead to war.

The future is malleable, and Eleanor struggles to understand the immensity of her gifts. But to win this battle, she will seek out new allies who have the world in their sights. Can she trust the enemy of her enemy, or is she traveling down a road not even the ghosts can predict?

Sentinel Rising

The Wayward Orphans: Book 1

They erected the walls to keep out humans.

Patches never wished to be a hero, not like in comic books. His dream of being forgettable ended when he received a note written by a dead psychic fifty years ago. Cursing her name, he travelled to the Tower. He had heard rumors, but didn’t expect a technologically advanced sanctuary for the Children of Nostradamus.

For Eve, becoming a hero was her only ambition. Despite lackluster powers, she demanded to be like her fathers, retired superheroes who once saved the world. A rejection letter from the Sentinel’s peacekeeping program crushed her hopes.

The true threat lives within their walls.

When an unknown saboteur lowers the Tower’s defenses, a wave of synthetic killing machines set out to dismantle their utopia. An unsuspecting Patches is at the center of the mystery. Eve sets out to discover why, even if it results in being banished. But to save their home, they’ll need to confront a menace more powerful than they could predict. Unlike the comic books, death is permanent and without them, the Tower will collapse.