I.Am.Maine: Stories of Small Town Maine

I moved to Maine when I was five.

Four generations housed under one roof. I found myself trapped. Isolated by geography, my only escape resided in the pages of fantasy novels. I wanted to be anywhere but there. After graduation, I got out.

Decades later, I find myself homesick. I am left chasing why Mainers are drawn back to these remote villages? What experiences in our youths bind us to the North? No matter where life takes us, this common heritage pulls us back to the wilds we once knew.

This is a journey to find my way back to small-town Maine.

I.Am.Maine: Snapshots of Small Town Maine

Maine is a collection of rustic beauties.

In the heart of Maine sits a valley surrounded by mountains. At one time the trains brought passengers and the towns thrived. The economy boomed and the residents lived a prosperous life. There was happiness.

Then the trains stopped.

What is left is an idea of what could be. Buildings stand empty and the tracks grow rusty. But as the land reclaims these man-made structures, a sense of peace and beauty returns. The people of these towns live with one foot in the past and another praying for hope.

These are the views of small town Maine.