The first book in the Children of Nostradamus series, Nighthawks is getting close to being released. The book will be released in early March if the time-table remains on track with my publisher. This means pre-orders will be available sometime before then. As soon as I have more information, I promise, you’ll know about it.

While I begin gearing up with promotions for the book (I seriously have to write a few dozen interviews for bloggers) I decided to try something a bit different. When the show Heroes came out on NBC several years ago, I was captivated with their supplemental marketing campaign. They included artwork, comic books, webisodes, interviews with characters and so forth. It became a media blitz and at the time, was unheard of and took the world by storm. It’s only fitting I make sure to put my best foot forward with a debut novel in what I hope to be a long-lasting fruitful series.

Nick Leonard and I throughout middle school would collaborate on this undeveloped world and build stories around our protagonists. Inspired by the comic books we found ourselves immersed in, our ideas resembled the medium we favored. It’s twenty years later and the stories have had time to grow up. The superheroes aren’t trying to save the world in feats of selflessness, they’re trying to discover or reclaim their humanity. Before a psychic is murdered, she finds she can’t see beyond a dark abyss in the future. Through a series of letters detailing the future, she puts together a group of Children of Nostradamus, beings with unexplained abilities, before she dies. The story begins when Conthan, a sarcastic painter is given a letter at a gallery opening that details an unavoidable future and reveals he is a Child of Nostradamus.

When the world is predicted to end, the Children of Nostradamus emerge…

The Genesis Division began as a private sector company utilizing advanced technology to help the disabled. By creating advanced prosthetics, the wounded were able to lead normal lives. Rising to a Fortune 100 company one of the most influential names in body augmentation, they partnered with the military’s research and development team. The program began to shift, instead of replacing missing limbs, soldiers sacrificed their bodies for augmentation and enhancements. Genesis Division created a new soldier, faster, stronger, able to process uncanny information and wired into the military information network. Now in 2032 the Genesis Division has created Body Shops, places for the military personnel and the extremely affluent to enhance their bodies. The mission of Genesis Division: rebuild, enhance, protect.

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