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This week I submitted the second novel for the Children of Nostradamus series. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I can say that nobody walks away unchanged. It was taxing watching the characters fall from grace, but overall, it is the story it needed to be. Currently it’s being beta read and sitting in the hands of the publisher. With that victory, it was only fitting that I released the first prequel story to Nighthawks.

Morning Sun will follow the characters before they become Nighthawks. Some of their stories intertwine and others will be stand alone looks at who they were as the Nostradamus Effect swept the world. The first story, featuring Dwayne is now available via the newsletter. I’m curious who the fans would like to see next. So vote now. And if you’re wondering why our favorite psychic isn’t on there, it’s because she has something much bigger in the works right now. Thanks as always.

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I plan on continuing to diversify the Children of Nostradamus world. Right now it’s looking like Night series will be a trilogy and Morning Sun will be a collection of short stories. If all goes well, Eleanor’s tale will be the next run. In one chapter that woman captured so many fans I got plenty of encouragement to tell her story. From there, we’ll see where we go. The next few years is mapped out and I’m excited to continue.