Wayward Orphans Trilogy

Sci-Fi | Cyberpunk | Superheroes

War spreads across Europe and comes crashing at their doorstep. Their way of life threatened. It’s time to go on the offensive.

Sentinel Rising

They erected the walls to keep out humans.

Patches never wished to be a hero, not like in comic books. His dream of being forgettable ended when he received a note written by a dead psychic fifty years ago. Cursing her name, he travelled to the Tower. He had heard rumors, but didn’t expect a technologically advanced sanctuary for the Children of Nostradamus.

For Eve, becoming a hero was her only ambition. Despite lackluster powers, she demanded to be like her fathers, retired superheroes who once saved the world. A rejection letter from the Sentinel’s peacekeeping program crushed her hopes.

The true threat lives within their walls.

When an unknown saboteur lowers the Tower’s defenses, a wave of synthetic killing machines set out to dismantle their utopia. An unsuspecting Patches is at the center of the mystery. Eve sets out to discover why, even if it results in being banished. But to save their home, they’ll need to confront a menace more powerful than they could predict. Unlike the comic books, death is permanent and without them, the Tower will collapse.

Seraph Falling

It’s a simple mission. What could go wrong?

Eve traded a coveted spot on the Sentinels to infiltrate the heart of London. She uncovers a conspiracy threatening to destroy Europe. Unlike the Free Republic, the British Empire is crawling with enhanced soldiers and superpowered Knights of Winchester. All of them want her dead.

A tyrant rises to power while Europe is under siege.

Cybernetically enhanced zealots capture Patches and promise him a swift execution. Abandoning any hope of being rescued, only he can save him and his Scottish kin. What must he sacrifice to ensure he doesn’t find himself on the wrong end of a noose? But a question remains: who really pulls the strings?

The Sentinels didn’t stand a chance.