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The Codex serves as the source of all knowledge pertaining to the Children of Nostradamus Universe. With over 1,000,000 words written in this series, there are hundreds of pages of notes, research, and photographs to be shared. New additions the Codex will be added each month.

This documents are meant to expand on the content in the novels. While care has been taken to avoid major spoilers in the Codex, some of the novels’ twists and turns will undoubtedly be revealed. Beware journeying into the depths of the CoN Universe.


Oscar Bishop

Discrepancy. Oscar Bishop’s birth certificate listed as 3/21/1999. Records authenticated at the Royal Center for the Sciences have his birth listed as 7/03/2020. Further analysis is required. For the sake of this entry, will acknowledge both the progenitor and the replicant. Though it should be noted, both exist as separate entities. Oscar Bishop...

The Tower

In the wake of the Battle for Chicago, the Nighthawks disband and go their separate ways. Conthan and Dwayne, seeking a secluded life, resurrect Troy, a small city previously occupied by the Children of Nostradamus. As the Church of Nostradamus discovers Children needing refuge, they place them in vacated homes in Troy. The population expands to several hundred.

Skits Ayer

Skits is born in 2010 to parents, Luther and Tess Ayer. Six years younger than her brother Dwayne, by middle school, she is known as the “problem child.” Frequently suspended for fighting with classmates, she is eventually removed from the public school system and enrolled in a private institution for children with emotional and behavioral challenges.

The British Empire

The Battle of Crécy leave its mark on England. Because of his tenacity, King Edward III claims victory, but when he returns to the throne, he lets his ferocity reshape the kingdom. Creating the Knights of Winchester, he pursues traitors, slaying them without mercy. The monarchy’s reputation transforms into a reign of tyranny.

Conquering Wales, Scotland and Ireland, the United Kingdom becomes a world power, one that all of Europe fears. The monarchy holds their position, amassing a sizable army, but making no direct moves against the European nations.

The Knights of Winchester

Obsessed with Arthurian legend, King Edward III of England recreates the Knights of the Round Table to restore the virtues of chivalry. But in 1346, during the Battle of Crécy, his attitude toward noble warfare is abandoned. Instead, upon returning to England, he announces the Knights of Winchester will serve the crown and protect “without concern of God’s judgment.”

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