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The Codex serves as the source of all knowledge pertaining to the Children of Nostradamus Universe. With over 1,000,000 words written in this series, there are hundreds of pages of notes, research, and photographs to be shared. New additions the Codex will be added each month.

This documents are meant to expand on the content in the novels. While care has been taken to avoid major spoilers in the Codex, some of the novels’ twists and turns will undoubtedly be revealed. Beware journeying into the depths of the CoN Universe.


Soo Jung Yeong

Born in Seoul, South Korean, little is known about Soo Jung prior to her joining the resistance against the President of the United States. Alongside Needles, she recruited Children of Nostradamus to build an underground army capable of overrunning the government. It is assumed that Needles erased any information about the woman. There are no theories as to why.

Quebec City, Canada

Canada is known for its technological advances and global humanitarian efforts. Their response to the 1992 nuclear crisis in the United States of America garnered international accolades and respect from world powers. When the Heritage Party, led by Jean-Luc Baptiste, takes control in 2030, they moved Parliament, the capitol, to Quebec City. 

Mark Davis

Mark Davis is born on September 13, 1967. Winning the position of class president his freshman year of highschool Davis’s interest in politics awakened. In college he majored in political sciences with the intent of of someday running for state senate. Thanks to his classmate and new bride, Elizabet, he acquires a post-grad internship at the White House. Assigned to Senior Staff as a policy research assistant, he took special interest in the government use of mentalists.

The Body Shop

While Genesis Division developed synthetic limbs to help wounded combat vets, their installation centers became known as the Body Shop. Seeing the growing possibilities of enhancements, military personnel continued to augmenting their bodies to make themselves more efficient soldiers. The quality of enhancements is based on service and rank.


The Culling eliminated the growing threat of mentalists in the United States. After the nuclear disaster in New England, President Joyce assigns Mark Davis to oversee the New York Research Facility, including its studies of mentalists and their abilities. But seeing the potential of mentalists, the program is expanded with military operations. Operation Second Sight is launched within the Research Facility.

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