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The Nostradamus Codex

The Codex serves as the source of all knowledge pertaining to the Children of Nostradamus Universe. With over 1,000,000 words written in this series, there are hundreds of pages of notes, research, and photographs to be shared. New additions the Codex will be added each month.

This documents are meant to expand on the content in the novels. While care has been taken to avoid major spoilers in the Codex, some of the novels’ twists and turns will undoubtedly be revealed. Beware journeying into the depths of the CoN Universe.


Ariel Davis

There are no birth records of a child fitting the description of Ariel Davis. Law enforcement apprehends her in Hell’s Kitchen after stealing from a corner market. While being transported to a juvenile facility, officers report an explosion blowing off the door of their vehicle, allowing the young girl to escape. Their report is intercepted by...


In 2011, travel by air set an astonishing record for most domestic and international commercial flights. The global economy has created a need for people to have easy access to hubs. In 2012, a commercial airliner falls over Italy as the Nostradamus Effect causes a drastic change in a pilot’s physiology. As the pilot dies, his carbon off-gassing mutates, producing toxic chemicals that kills the co-pilots. One-hundred and twenty-three passengers die.

Lillian Day

Lilian Day is born on March 23rd, 2003, the second child of pharmaceutical researches Philip Day and Margaret Lanshire. Due to a degenerative heart condition, she spends much of her childhood at Genesis Division. As the cost of care skyrockets, Margaret and Phillip sell their house to ensure their daughter receives medical care. Nearing bankruptcy, they are offered positions at Genesis Division, overseeing experimental pharmaceutical operations.

Computational Spheres

Created by Lewis Saunders, the original Computational Spheres were designed to be home-based personal assistants. With rudimentary functions such as scheduling appointments, answering basic questions, and setting reminders, it takes the world by storm. By 2020, an estimated 72% of homes have a stationary sphere.

Sister Dorothy Muriel

Orphaned at eight, the nuns take Dorothy Muriel in at the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan, New York. Thanks to journals, her tenure at the adjacent orphanage is well documented. At age ten, her journal details a visit by an older woman believed to be Eleanor Valentine. The only notes regarding the interaction are a young girl excited by the adventure of Dorothy in the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

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