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Michel de Nostredame is Born

December 14, 1503

Michel de Nostredame known later as “Nostradamus” is recorded as the first psychic with the ability to predict the potential outcomes of the future. His greatest prediction is the end of the world set to occur December of 2012.

World War I Starts

July 28, 1914

With the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, war erupts throughout Europe. In America, men are recruited and sent over seas widowing wives. The war ends four years after it started.

Eleanor Bovier is Born

February 13, 1917

Eleanor Bouvier is born to Grace and Harold Bouvier on a small farm in the Midwest, the eldest of two kids.

Eleanor has her first Vision

March 2, 1927

While asleep, Eleanor has her first premonition of the future. Upon telling her family, her mother worries that her daughter is sick and forbids her from discussing the work of the devil.

Harold Bouvier Dies

August 25, 1927

While serving in the Army in the Great War overseas, Harold is killed by enemy fire. His brother-in-arms, Frank Wright delivers to the news to Grave Bouvier.

Eleanor Bouvier is Committed

November 12, 1928

Due to her condition for speaking with Spirits, a hopeless Grace Bouvier has her daughter committed for psychiatric care. The use of sedatives prevent her visions while awake, but nighttime premonitions continue to plague her.

Eleanor Escapes Psychiatric Care

December 1, 1931

Records show that Eleanor Bouvier escaped prior to a routine surgical procedure. The lead doctor is found dead. While the hospital blames Eleanor Bouvier, patients say a man came to her rescue and carried her away from the facility.

Frank Wright Opens Veteran Gym

May 9, 1934

Taking a family owned building previously used as an automotive shop, Frank Wright opens the a gym for veterans. The clientele is based of military displaced due to injuries making them unfit to serve in the military during the war.

Frank Starts AA

May 12, 1937

After years of battling his fondness of alcohol, Eleanor urges Frank to begin a new program for boozehounds called Alcoholics Anonymous. Frank attends his first meeting and realizes that he’s not alone in his desire to drown his sorrows with spirits.

Susan Lee Moves in with Eleanor

March 1, 1938

Understanding that being a woman in New York City is dangerous, Frank pushes Eleanor to seek a roommate. Within minutes of meeting Susan Lee, Eleanor realizes she has met her match. Described as opposites in nearly every aspect, Susan Lee moves in.

Muriel is Orphaned

January 10, 1939

Eleanor records a vision of a young girl. In New York City she meets the girl in a nunnery. Her diaries state the girl was orphaned and continued to reside in the nunnery until she took her vows and became a Sister. Is later referred to as “Saint of the Streets.”

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World War II Starts

September 1, 1939

Franklin Roosevelt enters the war determined to protect American interests in Europe. Workforce across America is maintained by women. Streets of New York become a shadow of their former brilliance.

NY Police Warn of Serial Killer

July 22, 1942

Bodies are found slain throughout New York City. Police describe the attacks at vicious assaults with a sharp blade. There are no suspects and no known associations between the victims.

Suspected Serial Killer Found Dead

July 31, 1942

Police discover the bodies of suspected serial killers in New York socialite’s house. It is believed they broke in with the intent of slaying the owner. It is unknown how they were killed, but their own blades were used to kill them. Investigation is closed.

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Edward Hopper Displays Nighthawks

October 13, 1942

Edward Hopper, at the request of his wife Jo Hopper, displays¬†Nighthawks in a New York Gallery. It is rumored that a mysterious woman provided the inspiration for Jo’s involvement in the sale of the painting to the Chicago Institute of Art.

Mob Turf War Erupts in NYC

October 14, 1942

Multiple police reports suggest a growing presence of Mobsters in New York City. A turf war is declared and dozens of mobsters are killed by an unknown rival gang. Police withdraw, letting the war continue unchecked.

Suspected Mob Leader Murdered

October 15, 1942

New York Newspapers declare the head of the mob is found slain. The cause of death is unknown but attributed to rival gang. Police have no statement as to the growing presence of mobsters and their plans to combat the rising crime rates.

Hitler is Assassinated

April 7, 1944

Hitler is assassinated by long-time wife, Eva Braun. Rumors quickly spread that America recruited her as an inside operative in exchange for her safety. Germany surrenders days later.

Franklin Roosevelt Dies

April 12, 1945

He dies shortly after on April 12, 1945 leaving behind wife, Eleanor Roosevelt. His final act prior to death, appointing Eleanor Roosevelt to the United Nations General Assembly.

Genesis Division is Created

June 1, 1946

Genesis Division begins developing new technologies under the mission, “The Betterment of Mankind.” Genesis Division begins lobbying in efforts to secure progressive candidates. It is uncertain who founded the company.

President Joyce Inauguration

January 20, 1989

Cecilia Joyce wins the presidency on promises of developing America as a technological hub of the world. With contributions from Genesis Division, she wins by a landslide. She appoints known psychic, Eleanor P. Valentine, as her personal aide.

Sister Muriel Fosters Newborn

May 2, 1990

Sister Muriel, a nun within the Catholic Church in Manhattan discovers an abandoned baby girl on their doorstep. Despite protests from her fellow sisters, she decides to raise the girl within the church. Infant displays odd abilities.

The Culling

February 29, 1992

In response to the failed assassination attempt, President Joyce enacts Marshall law. All registered mentalists are exterminated for the protection of America.

Nuclear Eruption

March 5, 1992

In response to the brutal killing of mentalists, sympathizers seek to cripple the United States Government. Nuclear reactors are destroyed creating fallout rendering the Northeast uninhabitable.

Mark Davis Receives Eleanor Valentine’s Letters

March 20, 1992

White House Aide, Mark Davis receives a box of letters from Eleanor P. Valentine with explicit delivery directions. He later discovers a letter meant for himself where she predicts (accurately) his wife’s pregnancy.

Ariel [Davis] Arrives at Facility

December 22, 1992

In an attempt of the American Government to resurrect their mentalist program, Ariel is brought to the Facility to be studied, The young girl is documented as having uncanny telekinesis abilities.

Mark Davis is Assigned to Oversee the Facility

January 21, 1993

With his progressive views of mentalists, President Joyce assigns him to oversee the Facility and its research. Davis assumes residency at the Facility while supervising cybernetics, genetic research, and mentalist abilities.

Ivan Volkov Joins Facility as Lead Researcher

July 12, 1993

Leading Russian Paranormal Sciences expert Dr. Ivan Volkov is appointed as head of research by President Joyce. His resume is redacted but he produces results exploring the capabilities of Ariel Davis.

Facility Expands Mentalist Research

August 2, 1993

Pyrokinetic Arturo, and empath Penelope arrive at the Facility after their parents are found dead. Ivan Volkov expands his research to include all three mentalists in an attempt to provide military defense against their abilities.

Operation Second Prospect Begins

August 23, 1996

The military partners with the New York Research Facility. Mentalists are trained as covert operatives working for the government in clandestine operations. No record of missions have been recorded.

Jonah Reilly Joins Second Prospect

August 26, 1996

Noted soldier of the Corps, Jonah Reilly is brought in to oversee work on Project Second Prospect. He is tasked with handling/managing Ariel Davis with the intent of bringing her mentalist abilities under Corps control.

Second Prospect / Outlander Menace

September 13, 1996

Jonah Reilly leads a mission to infiltrate Outlanders suspected of nuclear capabilities and threatening to attack U.S. soil. The mission serves as the field test for his team of mentalists. No record of outcome.

New York Facility Goes Dark

October 1, 1996

All communication in and out of the New York Facility is severed. Once military arrives, they discover a massacre. Reports blame Outlanders for infiltrating the facility. Rumors mention internal threat.

The Nostradamus Effect

December 20, 2012

On the date Nostradamus predicted the end of the world, lights fill the sky around the globe to the amazement of astronomers. This is marked as the emergence of humans with abilities known commonly as the Children of Nostradamus.

Rival Factions Clash in Outlands

September 11, 2013

Military continues to monitor Outlander activity. Factions have gathered and created encampments housing the those expelled from the United States. Currently factions fight amongst themselves keeping the growing population under control.

Ceann is Recruited to the Knights

March 21, 2018

All Children of Nostradamus are recruited by the Knights of Winchester and stripped of their identities as part of their cadet program. This continues to create an army of powered individual dedicated to the Queen and the people of the British Empire.

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Franklin Thompson Murdered

October 6, 2022

New York socialite is found dead in abandoned gymnasium. Police found no clues to the identity of his killer.

Bellevue Murders

October 6, 2022

Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital reported a man wielding a baseball bat entering the premise. Multiple orderlies were found killed, all of them with electrical burns. Murders attributed to Dwayne Ayer, elevating his wanted status.

Ceann kills Cadet Instructor

March 5, 2024

Records state that during a routine training simulation, a cadet is killed by the instructor. In a fit of rage, another cadet slays the instructor and is imprisoned indefinitely by the Knights of Winchester.

Formation of the Corps

January 1, 2025

In response to growing threat domestically and internationally, President Joyce consolidates the military under the moniker “The Corps.” She appoints a single General to oversea all military.

New York City Rave Massacre

April 22, 2026

Authorities discover dozens of bodies in Underground club. There is no report describing the carnage or any involved parties suspected of the massacre. Theories run rampant on the internet pointing to police.

Skits Committed to Bellevue

April 22, 2026

Following a series of violent outbreaks, the court orders Skits Ayer into the custody of Bellevue Hospital. Once admitted, it is deemed she is to undergo long-term psychiatric care.

Dr. & Mrs. Rahim Killed

May 5, 2026

After leaving a fundraising gala for the Hospital in a torrential downpour, Dr. & Mrs. Rahim were killed in a car crash. Dr. Rahim was a celebrated surgeon while Mrs. Rahim is a noted professor at NYU. Foul play is not suspected.

Paladins Renew Anti-Terrorist Efforts

June 21, 2028

After creating an elite team within the Corp, they are used in anti-terrorist efforts. This ongoing effort by the government is to prevent insurgencies threatening the American way of life.

Warrant Issues for Dwayne Ayer

June 21, 2028

After locals discover Dwayne Ayer is a Child of Nostradamus with lightning-wielding abilities, a warrant is posted for his arrest. He is added to the “Children’s Wanted” list and marked for retrieval by the Paladins.

Project Chimera Resurrected

August 19, 2031

The Facility resurrects Black Listed research involving the harnessing and merging of powers from Children of Nostradamus. Project originally started with research within Genesis Division and moved offsite for security reasons.

Upstate New York Facility Attacked

May 17, 2032

Children of Nostradamus research facility is attacked by Outlanders in conjunction with wanted Children of Nostradamus. Research subjects and prisoners are released. It is assumed they fled to Canada for sanctuary.

Death of Mark Davis

May 18, 2032

Appointed by the President Joyce, warden of the Facility, Mark Davis is killed by domestic terrorists and Children of Nostradamus. Coroner’s report is never discovered. No remaining family survive him.

Troy, NY Destroyed

May 13, 2033

Under orders from President Joyce, synthetics are dispatched to eliminate a growing population of Children of Nostradamus in Troy, NY. According to reports, all residents are neutralized.

Strike on Boston, MA

May 21, 2033

In a coordinated strike, President Joyce attempts to eliminate rogue Children of Nostradamus taking residence in a derelict Boston. Airships are dispatched with a squadron of Synthetics. All Children presumed dead.

President Joyce Assassinated

May 22, 2033

In retaliation to President Joyce’s stance on Children of Nostradamus, a rogue group of powered individuals storm the White House. In a stand off in the Presidential Rose Garden, President Joyce is killed.

Jacob Griffin Sworn in as President

May 25, 2033

Through a surprising unanimous decision, Congress elects Jacob Griffin as President Elect of the United States. Riots erupt throughout the United States in protest. Griffin promises to end the reign of Children operating within the U.S. and avenge the former President.

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New Religion Rises

July 20, 2033

Throughout the United States, pockets of individuals start hosting small gatherings where Children of Nostradamus are worshipped as gods. There is no formal doctrine, but they believe Nostradamus to be a prophet and Children his Earth-bound deities.

Canadian Prime Minster Revealed as Mentalist

August 14, 2033

Prime Minister Jean-Luc Baptiste is revealed to be a mentalist. While some Canadians worry about his position, he quickly wins over his people. Canada celebrates the prosperity brought by both mentalists and the Children of Nostradamus.

President Griffin Thwarts Assassination Attempt

August 14, 2033

During a public speech in New York, domestic terrorist consisting of Children attempt to assassinate President Griffin. Their efforts are thwarted but hackers manage to expose the President’s heinous actions.

Washington D.C. Nuclear Attack

August 18, 2033

Terrorist detonate a nuclear bomb over D.C. in an attempt to permanently remove President Griffin from power. The source of the nuclear explosion is heavily debated and ultimately blamed on terrorist Children of Nostradamus.

Corp Joins Rebellion

August 20, 2033

In an act of defiance, General of the Corps denounces President Griffin and joins forces with a rebellion labeling under the banner of the Free Republic of America. Tensions continue to rise across the country as citizens brace for war.

New York Chemical Contamination

August 20, 2033

People within New York City begin acting sporadic and begin attacking one another. The illness spreads until all citizens are reduced to zombie-like status. Reports blame unknown chemical in the drinking water.

State of Emergency Declared

August 21, 2033

Leader of the Rebellion declares New York City a disaster and enlists the aide of Jersey Governor and FEMA to help trapped citizens. Both dissent from the U.S. Government and aid in the rebellion.

Twenty-Seven Named General of the Republic

September 16, 2033

Civilian known as Twenty-Seven assumes the position as General of the Corps. There is no information regarding her past, but her name is mentioned multiple times in conjunction with the Free Republic Rebellion.

Free Republic Holds First Election

February 2, 2034

The Free Republic of America holds its first election. In a landslide victory, Twenty-Seven is appointed as the President. Her campaign promises to begin healing the division of the former United States and providing relief to struggling citizens.

Troy is Declared a Sanctuary City

July 11, 2034

President Twenty-Seven declares the city of Troy a Sanctuary City for all Children of Nostradamus. Genesis Division begins restoration efforts to create long-term living situations for Children and their families.

Wetworks Initiative Founded

July 11, 2034

Rumors state that the Free Republic of America has enlisted Children of Nostradamus for both domestic and international neutralization of potential worldwide threats. No evidence exists to support these rumors. Attention is directed at the Free Republic’s President.

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The Tower is Erected

April 9, 2036

The Children of Nostradamus establish a central base of operations west of Boston, Massachusetts in the Outlands. The Free Republic of America acknowledges its status as a sovereign nation.

The Tower is Attacked

June 15, 2039

Surveillance footage suggests that a contingent of synthetics surviving from the Massacre of New York arrives at the Tower. The walls are breeched and synthetics assault the Tower and its residents. It is unknown if there are any casualties.

The Corruption

December 31, 2172

The Corruption eradicates all computer data. Nearly all devices are wiped clean, creating a break in information prior to 2172. Recon centers are created to begin documenting physical artifacts and rebuild mankind’s history.

The Society Stages Coup

November 21, 2941

In the United Kingdom, multiple bodies are found belonging to Lords and Ladies. Their deaths are ruled homicides with no suspects. It is rumored they belonged to a secret society frequented by the wealth.