Comics. From comic strips to graphic novels, they have the power to transform a person. While they have become a pop-culture phenomenon, there was a time when the admitted love of comics branded you as a loser. Despite compelling stories, beautiful artwork, and ability to transport the reader to the far reaches of the universe, they were looked down upon.

If it were not for comics, I would not be a reader. If I were not a reader, I would not be a writer. I recount often how comic books were thrust upon me on long drives between North Carolina and Maine. The characters became familiar and the stories kept me hanging on the edge of my seat. Despite being too young to understand the adult themes, I found myself falling in love with this world where the impossible was not only possible, but the norm.

Years later, as my parents attempted to transition me from comics to novels, I was handed a set of X-Men novels written by Christopher Golden. The moment I reached the end of each book, I found myself amazed that novels contained a bit of the magic held within the glossy pages of comics. My love of reading starts and ends with comics but in-between, I have been exposed to fantastical worlds, galactic space ships, fearful tales of ghosts, and love affairs with vampires.

This story is not unique. I am not alone.

For the month of November, I am inviting creators to share what comics impacted them and how it changes their lives. Check back as the month progresses, find comics to explore for the first time or the hundredth.