Eleanor P. Valentine

Eleanor Bouvier is born on February 13, 1917 to Grace and Harold Bouvier on a small farm in the Midwest. Four years later, she is joined by her brother Benjamin “Benji” Bouvier. School records describe Eleanor as a curious young girl with a fondness for literature. However, they also describe her as often having tantrums and creating a world of make-believe she insists are real. Eventually, she and her brother are homeschooled by their mother.

Because of poor documentation, little else is known about Eleanor during her formative years. A grave marker shows that both her father and brother died before her teen years. Mother, Grace eventually begins working at a nurse at a local hospital and Eleanor is listed as a volunteer helping wounded soldiers.

At this point, there is a gap. During this period, in the closest city to their family farm, a young girl is recorded as being committed to psychiatric care. However, internal records give no name. This same girl is suspected of killing a psychiatrist and fleeing the institution. The headlines read, “Girl Runaway, Dangerous.” 

Years later, Eleanor Bouvier surfaces in New York City as the beneficiary of Frank Wright and renter of a small apartment. While little is known, her name appears alongside socialites and artists. Her affiliation and occupation are unknown. 

The name Eleanor P. Bouvier is never used again, but documents suggest she changed her name to Eleanor P. Valentine. Reason is unknown. Press coverage of the United Nations shows photographic evidence of Eleanor Valentine alongside the United Nations Commissioner on Human Rights and former First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. No connection can be found.

It is not until President Cecilia Joyce makes a public statement about the existence of mentalists is Eleanor P. Valentine revealed. With her precognition, the media coverage declares her the “Daughter of Nostradamus.” President Joyce claims Eleanor as a “long-time family friend,” but the connection is unclear. At this point, she works for the White House in an advisory capacity. 

Her tenure as White House Advisor leads to the United States avoiding declarations of war and expanding its infrastructure while investing in emerging technologies. This is cut short by her attempt to assassinate President Joyce and leads to the “Culling” of mentalists across the country.