Evelyn “Eve” Cowan

Evelyn “Eve” Carter is born in New York City in 2016. Manifesting abilities as a young age, her parents fear teachers discovering that she is a Child of Nostradamus. Too young to understand the dangers of her gifts, her mother, a therapist, encourages Eve to develop her powers in the safety of their home. As part of her chores, her father has her clean his car repair shop. It’s while working on a failed computer, Eve’s abilities to detect electromagnetic waves helps diagnose the problem. From then on, she spends much of her free time helping her father repair cars.

In 2033, her parents fall victim to the genocide of New York. Forced to fight for her life, she unleashes her abilities on her father. Unaware of their potential, she shuts down his nervous system and flees. She is witness to the bombing of New York and ultimately rescued by the National Guard and evacuated to New Jersey. Living a refugee camp, Adelaide discovers her and introduces to Preacher. Wanting her to experience a sense of normalcy, they take her to Troy to live with Conthan and Dwayne.

Distraught over the loss of her parents, she rebels against her foster parents. Dwayne confronts her, demonstrating the ferocity of his abilities. Eve embraces her gifts and vows to master them to prevent atrocities like New York from happening again. The families of Troy partner with Genesis Division to develop the Tower. Shortly after, the families of Troy move into the Tower and the Free Republic of the United States declares it a sovereign nation.

Needing a security force, Alyssa Rahim develops the Sentinel program. She hand selects promising Children of Nostradamus with abilities capable of protecting the Tower. During this period, she hears stories about the Battle for Chicago and the heroics of the Nighthawks.Despite being trained by Alyssa, Eve is denied admittance into the program. Resentful about her passive abilities, she spends the next few years training extensively with Alyssa and Jasmine. But each time she applies to join, she is rejected and kept on the maintenance detail. While she is not satisfied with her position within the Tower, she comes to think of Conthan and Dwayne as her foster parents. To show her appreciation she adopts Conthan’s last name.

Rogue synthetics invade the Tower and she freezes due to an anxiety attack. Patrick “Patches” Kilgannon saves her from synthetics. When she returns to the library to say thank you, she discovers a leather jacket on display. In the pocket she finds a note addressed to her from Eleanor P. Valentine. This prompts her to rescue Patches and flee the Tower. While exploring a deserted Boston, she stumbles into an international disaster that threatens the globe. After saving the Tower from members of the British Empire’s Order of Windsor, she embarks on a journey to Britain with Patches and Alyssa to save her foster father’s sister.