Galactic omens. Apocalyptic wastelands. 14 mind-bending stories of future worlds and dark fantasy on the brink of oblivion.

Fate is never written in the stars. From embattled lunar colonies to inter-dimensional courtrooms and the murky alleyways of Victorian London, there’s no telling when or where the day of reckoning will arrive. Do you dare test the limits of your reality and answer the final summons?

With stories encompassing planet-wide apocalypse to intimate tales of heart-wrenching sacrifice, join assassins and improbable saviors as they battle for survival and strike deals with the devil. From the visionary New England Speculative Writers comes an unforgettable exploration of the gathering darkness at the edges of the great unknown.

The Final Summons is a sci-fi and fantasy anthology showcasing 14 brilliant speculative fiction writers. If you like multifaceted characters, mind-bending concepts, and uncharted new worlds, then you’ll love this provocative short-story collection.

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I’ve been working on this project with C.L. Alden and C.H. Duryea along with the members of the New England Speculative Writers since last year. We weren’t exactly sure what we were doing at first, but when we put out the open call and saw how much amazing writing was being produced by New England based authors, we realized we needed to showcase their work. It has been an amazing opportunity to work alongside these authors and watch their process. It’s been a positive influence on my own writing and currently I’m grinding away in the last book of my current superhero series. So I’ve taken a bold step in my writing career, from author to publisher. Writing will always be my focus and I have more stories to tell than time, but it feels good to be working with such a talented group of individuals!