Genesis Division

Genesis Division is known for its advancements in technology in cybernetics, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and augmented reality. Since 1992, Genesis Division partnered with the United States to implement its technologies at every level, both domestically and internationally. Later, they are awarded the sole military contract, leading to nearly all innovations being driven by government demand.

New York City records show that Genesis Division is established on June 1, 1946. However, there is no mention of the founder(s) and because of their connection with the United States of America, files are redacted. This continues to be a source of conspiracy theories. Dominant belief is that the company’s origins are tied to President Cecilia Joyce’s family.

Prior to the 1992 “Cleansing,” Genesis Division created a branch with the sole intent of studying mentalists and the source of their supernatural abilities. While they achieved no medical breakthroughs, this results in a database of all persons with mental abilities. The government later uses this list to eradicate all mentalists in the name of national security.

While their mentalist research offered no results, they resurrected this division in response to the 2012 Nostradamus Effect. Genesis Division determines that while mentalists are a subsect of Homo Sapien, it is an unidentified cosmic event transforming mankind into powered individuals. At the behest of the President, resources are driven to understanding the growing concern around powered individuals.

While researchers seek to unlock the source of their abilities, Genesis Division also establishes the synthetic program, providing law enforcement and military support with robotic reinforcements. Partnering with their biotechnology division, Genesis Division offers medical and prosthetic options for soldiers injured in combat. Shortly after, they open the first known, “Body Shop” offering soldiers enhancements to aid them in their service. Two years later, the first civilian Body Shop is created, catering to the wealthy and elite.

During this period, Genesis Division seeks to dominate in global media. Within two years’ time, Genesis Division is the sole provider of media of television, radio, and internet. Only Asia remains independent from their reach.

Speculation about the success of Genesis Division continues to emerge. Their ability to overcome recessions and make technological advancements defy logic. A consistent rumor is whispered between the between President Cecilia Joyce and her connection to former White House advisor, Eleanor P. Valentine. While there may be evidence to lend credence to this conspiracy, Genesis Division has the resources to keep it suppressed.