I am currently working on a long series of “firsts” for me. The most notable is making a book filled with color photography and creative prose. I am not a flowery writer (most of the time) but there was and has been an urge to show the beauty of blending two mediums together in a book. There will never be a better time than working on the sequel to I.Am.Maine and publishing a limited edition hardcover coffee table book of photography from the Penquis region.

Currently I’m writing short, poignant, passionate, and heartfelt pieces for this book. I’m looking at text less as a narrative and thinking of it as a medium for expression. I think the people who liked my the first I.Am.Maine book will find this book even more approachable, universal, and able to tell the many different truths of small town Maine. None of these stories focus on me specifically and instead are more of the universal truth of living in the middle of Maine’s nowhere. The photography inside will be my own work and feature some photography by Susan Flagg as she’s been instrumental in helping me bridge generational gaps in memories.

This book will be available sometime early in December with the expectation of being able to ship by Christmas. It will be hardbound, thick luscious pages filled with color photography and there will be a limited run. Once it’s sold out, it’s gone. I’ll open it for pre-orders in November and see what the response is before I set a number for how many I will purchase.
Below are the three runner-up book covers images. I think most people will recognize them. Brownie points if you can identify the third one.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 6.21.35 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-30 at 6.22.34 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-30 at 6.22.48 PM

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