I’m touching the first copy of Nighthawks, the first book in the Children of Nostradamus series. This is the moment for every author when the project becomes real. However, there are so many different moving parts leading up to the release. Many people have been helpful and asking what they can do to support the book that I thought it easiest to make a post for all the ways to get involved. I’ve included links, but this would apply to just about any author!

Facebook Party

Release Party on Facebook
I’m hosting a release party on Tuesday at 6PM for the release of the book. It’s a chance to gather, ask questions, get hyped, give out gifts and that type of thing. It really is just a great time to talk and get questions answered (and of course free stuff!)

Share a Tweet/Facebook Post with Thunderclap
Thunderclap let’s people sign up and automatically makes a post/tweet for you. This all happens at the same time on the same day (March 10th) and helps get exposure for a project out to as many people as possible all at the same time! I need 100 people to sign up for it to work, so the more people who sign up the better. Thanks in advance!

Join the Mailing List
The best way to hear about what’s going on with upcoming releases, book signings and exclusive content is with the mailing list. Don’t worry, I don’t spam (except near release days) and overall it’s a great way to stay connected with fans.

Like the Facebook Page or Follow my Twitter or Instagram
I know it sounds cliché, but every time I post something and I see somebody liked or retweeted a comment, I get a little excited. I admit it’s validating, but also, how cool is i
t to know something you made interests other people? Yeah, I appreciate the validation!

Bangor Comic & Toy ConventionCome See me at a Signing!Part of why I got into writing is to talk to people about books. I love talking about my own, don’t get me wrong, but I LOVE hearing othr suggestions and giving great reads to other people. So stop by Annie’s Book Stop in Worcester on March 12th (3PM – 6PM) to talk books along with Scott T. Goudsward. Or if you’re up in Bangor and plan on attending the Bangor Comic & Toy Convention I’ll be there showing some local pride!

Request the Book from your Library/Bookstore
Next time you swing by your library or Bookstore, ask if they carry Nighthawks or Children of Nostradamus. Chances are, until they’re asked, they don’t. A simple request means my book will wind up on more shelves, and of course the more exposure the more the following grows.

Goodreads ReviewLeave a Review on Amazon or Goodreads
I can not stress enough how important reviews are to authors. With more reviews there are additional perks, like being on the “Also recommending” or even in the Amazon mailing list. While we all hope for nothing but 5-star reviews, truth be told, I want honest reviews that highlight the great and point out the issues. I’m thick-skinned, I can handle it.

Word of Mouth
Believe it or not, but the best way to get people to read a book is to talk about a book. All digital media aside, the actual conversation is the best way to sell. “Wow, I just read a book you should check out,” is how I do all my reading these days. I haven’t picked up an unrecommended author in years. So if you like the book, mention it to a few people, authors are always appreciative of that.