NaNoWinEach year I participate in National Novel Writing Month, also known to the participants as NaNo. In 30 days we write 50,000 words which is the standard for a short novella. For the past four years I’ve been the Municipal Liaison for the Massachusetts Metrowest Region and like past NaNo’s, it was a tough process. This year, despite work, social obligations and general cluelessness I managed to finish. This year I decided to write the sequel to a prequel that involves time travel and people visiting the past and it was as confusing writing it as it is explaining the premise. I’ve spent the last two weeks in a fog trying to sort out what to do with myself again.

I feel as if I took time off to let my creativity have an outlet and now I’m feeling that it’s time to get back to work. I’ve dragged out the I.Am.Maine manuscript and started editing again. I can see the stories becoming more cohesive and painting a much clearer picture of my life as a Mainer. I’m also thrilled to be looking at the photography (from a delightful photographer) that will help show the visuals that create the landscape. It’s time-consuming as I edit and get lost in reliving my childhood before editing some more. It’s getting there.

I’ve also decided it would be a good chance to explore the possibility of a new creative outlet. I’ve begun talks with the lovely Amanda Kahl to create a one-shot graphic novel that will tie Suburban Zombie High to its sequel. There’s a story to be told that I was unsure of how to explain and didn’t warrant its own book, but it has potential as a comic. I also think Suburban Zombies could use some visuals. Oh it shall be funny.

Speaking of zombies (cause it’s rare that I’m not!) the second book of Suburban Zombie High is nearing completion. I just had a student read the book to provide feedback. He was extremely helpful in identifying the pacing issues and was hilarious in how he thought zombies should be killed. Be prepared, there will be more developments on this front soon.

I’ll be back to posting some regular stuff now. I owe a couple of people stories and I’m feeling it’s time to tackle some smaller projects before I take on the universe. Very soon!