Lillian Day

Lilian Day is born on March 23rd, 2003, the second child of pharmaceutical researches Philip Day and Margaret Lanshire. Due to a degenerative heart condition, she spends much of her childhood at Genesis Division. As the cost of care skyrockets, Margaret and Phillip sell their house to ensure their daughter receives medical care. Nearing bankruptcy, they are offered positions at Genesis Division, overseeing experimental pharmaceutical operations.

Shortly after relocating from an apartment in Connecticut to a luxury penthouse in New York City, Lillian’s older brother Sebastian is kidnapped. Police Reports describe men in a dark van apprehending him while waiting for the school bus. Despite offering a cash reward for his return, he is never found.

Lillian is removed from public school and enrolled into Genesis Division’s gifted program. Excelling in physics, by age fifteen, she receives an internship at Genesis Division. Here she meets Jacob Griffin. Shortly after meeting police arrest them for car theft. Charges are dropped.

Conspiracy theories believe Lillian’s parents are members of a secret cabal simply known as “The Society.” Accusations are made about their sudden financial changes and even suggest they sacrificed their eldest son for entry. However, these allegations vanish when they throw themselves from their penthouse balcony in a murder/suicide pact.

Lillian is emancipated and files with the court to assume her parent’s estate. Shortly after, the tabloids feature photographs depicting her lavish partying lifestyle along with former classmate Jacob Griffin. When an article surfaces with allegations about her involvement with her parents’ death, she buys the paper and shuts it down. Her ruthless demeanor becomes a common topic in the press.

A series of government files are discovered that lend evidence to earlier conspiracies the Society controls Genesis Division. They not only state that Lillian is amongst the upper echelon, but also make claims to her being a mentalist. The government attempts to apprehend Lillian and Griffin. However, all operatives are killed, and the mission is considered a failure. President Cecilia Joyce shuts down any future attempts to apprehend.

Shortly after, to the nation’s surprise, with Lillian by his side, Griffin assumes the position of President. Shortly after, theories are confirmed that not only is one of four leading the Society, but also possesses telekinetic abilities. But for unknown reasons, she turns against Griffin and attempts to kill him. Later footage emerges of her fighting on the side of the Free Republic during the Battle of Chicago.

Under the leadership of Twenty-Seven, Lillian is offered a chance at retribution as the Co-CEO of Genesis Division. Promising to focus on benefitting mankind, she works alongside Gretchen Steiner to improve all aspects of life for citizens of the Free Republic. This, however, is met with skepticism and rumors of Lillian organizing corporate espionage is a popular topic amongst tabloids.