Mark Davis

Mark Davis is born on September 13, 1967. Winning the position of class president his freshman year of highschool Davis’s interest in politics awakened. In college he majored in political sciences with the intent of of someday running for state senate. Thanks to his classmate and new bride, Elizabet, he acquires a post-grad internship at the White House. Assigned to Senior Staff as a policy research assistant, he took special interest in the government use of mentalists.

Special Aide to the White House, Eleanor P. Valentine, requested Davis by name to assist her in a “special project.” Upon meeting the psychic, Valentine offered him two insights to his future. First, she confirmed that his ill mother would recover. The same day, Eleanor P. Valentine is labelled an assassin and killed after a failed attempt on President Joyce’s life.

Believing Eleanor Valentine innocent, he carries out her request to deliver hundreds of envelopes with letters addressed to unknown individuals. One letter is addressed to him. She reveals that despite complications, he and Elizabeth would have the successful birth of their first and only child. Despite the Culling, an order by President Joyce to eradicate all known mentalists, Davis continues to empathize with them.

Understanding their potential as an asset to the United States of America, President Joyce appoints Davis as the director of the New York Research Facility. His primary goal is to understand the capabilities of mentalists and the dangers their uncanny gifts present. Upon first arriving, he is left to study prior research. This is until Ariel, a girl with the ability to move objects with her mind, arrives at the Facility.

However, after this point, the details of Davis’s involvement with the Facility become fractured. Now working with scientist Dr. Ivan Volkov, Ariel’s abilities continue to expand, garnering attention from the military. This opens the door for Operation Second Prospect to militarize the mentalists, a program that would later develop into the military Paladin Program.

Shortly after a massacre occurs, attributed to Ariel and fellow mentalist and pyrokinetic, Aturo. Despite the death of Dr. Vokov, and lack of mentalists to study, Davis remains as the administrator of the Facility. It’s only after the Nostradamus Effect that the Facility develops a new purpose: detain dangerous Children for public safety.

Davis takes on the role of Facility Warden. His work is commended, and his track record remains immaculate. Thanks to his efforts, Synthetics are better trained to engage the Children of Nostradamus and, when necessary, neutralize them. But when confronted with a newly awakened and deadly Child, Davis is killed in cold blood. There are no records regarding the whereabouts of his son.

The Facility is decommissioned.