Oscar Bishop

Discrepancy. Oscar Bishop’s birth certificate listed as 3/21/1999. Records authenticated at the Royal Center for the Sciences have his birth listed as 7/03/2020. Further analysis is required. For the sake of this entry, will acknowledge both the progenitor and the replicant. Though it should be noted, both exist as separate entities.

Oscar Bishop is born and given the title of Prince Oscar, second in line for the crown of the British Empire. The people rejoice at his birth after the Queen miscarried on previous pregnancy attempts. Wanting the best for her son, the Queen dotes over him, giving him every luxury befitting royalty. But outside, she sees a dangerous landscape that poses a threat to her son and her people. To offer him the best, she solidifies the British Empire and continues expansion efforts into Europe.

Oscar attends the Royal Academy is considered remarkably bright. He excels across the board but has difficulty socializing with kids. After a scuffle with a classmate, his mother pulls him from the academy and he is tutored within the palace. Along with his studies, he takes classes in social etiquette and begins training to assume the throne. Despite the finest teachers, he lacks any desire to pursue his royal duties. This becomes a point of contention between him and his mother.

Progenitor dies 7/19/2020. Cause of death is not released to the public.

While the nation is in mourning, the Queen, drowning in anguish, goes into seclusion. The war efforts continue without her. Nearly one year later, she announces to the nation that Oscar survived. While she details a car crash that left him in a vegetative state, a rogue publication leaks information about the replicant’s origin. Despite being created using DNA from the progenitor, the replicant is not her son and the succession of the throne is brought into question. While the Queen returns to the public eye, her subjects have labelled the replication, “The Bastard Son” or “The Queen’s Abomination.” 

Within one year, the replicant reaches maturity, matching the age of his progenitor. He is the dutiful son and learns quickly. However, public opinion, despite his many appearances, still questions his right to the throne. Unlike the original, this Oscar excels in his royal duties and quickly takes to the military. While the Queen is the direct commander of the Knights of Winchester, she offers Prince Oscar the opportunity to serve as the commander of the British Empire. When an uproar begins outside the Palace, Oscar has them slaughtered. He declares that now and forever, the Empire will persevere and, under his guidance, will expand until they are the most powerful nation in the world. Fearful, the people in public accept him as the leader of the military.

He and his mother are shocked when the Scottish Prime Minister announces a public vote to decide if Scotland should remain within the Empire or segregate under the name Caledonia. The vote passes, reaching a surprising 90% acceptance. Oscar’s attention is divided when a land dispute between the Empire and France instigates threats of war. Oscar goes on the offensive. Public opinion sways as he uses France’s declaration as a war cry to rally the people. Promising to preserve the Empire’s way of life, he launches a full scale invasion. Within weeks, he secured a position within France, at the same time, the newly declared Caledonia threatens war if the crown doesn’t grant them sovereignty. 

During this time, reports from the Royal Center for the Sciences are leaked again, this time making wild allegations. The article says that not only is Oscar a replicant, but there are three additional replicants. Their purpose is unknown. But it also states that scientists altered the progenitor DNA to grant him abilities similar to the Knights of Winchester. No evidence is provided and quickly the article is dismissed. In retaliation, Prince Oscar executes the reporter and destroys the magazine.