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Heartfelt stories about growing up in the wilderness of Maine. Part memoir, part hyperbole, these stories highlight living life in a small town.

I moved to Maine when I was five.

I lived in Brownville Junction with my mother and grandmother while my father traveled the globe with the Marine Corps. When I was ten, my father retired, and we moved to my mother’s ancestral home. I resented my parents for tearing me away from the south. There was nothing good about living in a small town. School friends lived in a different area code, making talking on the phone or playing outside impossible.

I spent my summers reading about adventures elsewhere; anyplace but the junction. I hid away in the forest, playing make believe, imagining the world beyond our borders. A petulant child, I found this tiny community to be suffocating. I went through the motions, longing to shed these shackles. After graduation, I fled. Free from Maine, I never imagined I’d look back. Decades later, my mind wanders North to a world I loathed in my youth.

Homesick, I’m returning to my roots. I need to understand the impact of a small town on the man I am today. What is it about this tight-knit community that draws us back? What about the land molds its people? How does our geography and ancestry forge us into the adults we will become? What is in the heart of a Mainer?

I Am Maine, is a journey to find my way home.

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Dryly humorous in places, touching in others, it made me feel like an old friend I hadn’t heard from in years was catching me up on his life. Mr. Flagg is not a flashy writer, but has a style that is both sincere and insightful into the human condition, and he writes a mean sentence.

- GD Dearborn -

As a lover of Maine, I truly enjoyed the author’s personal stories of growing up in small town Maine. They were real and showed clearly how we are shaped by our surroundings as well as our family relationships.

- Toni Garret -

A beautifully written retrospection of growing up in a small Maine town. I. Am. Maine is a full of photos, life lessons and funny, poignant stories of the author’s life, the small town ‘way of life’ and other insights of being ‘from’ a place, but not always feeling like you belong.

- C.L. Alden -

The author is very frank about his life, his culture, and his reaction to certain things. His honesty rings true in every story told. A good book to read, if you want some insight into Maine culture and survival skills.

- Goodreads Review -

I think this is a wonderful and accurate portrayal of what it is actually like growing up in a small town in Maine! Even without looking at the pictures I was able to visualize what the author was seeing and experiencing in each and every moment.

- Megan Marsh -

The author has perfectly captured the feel of life in small-town Maine, and how that shapes a person. A good writer takes us into a world and shows us what matters, and this is effectively done here. Brought back a lot of memories…

- Dale T. Phillips -

This book is the exploration of conflict in a place I once loathed and now long for. It is filled with sorrows and hope. It is an attempt to reach inside a town and extract its essence and shine a light on a tight-knit community. But more than that, it is a struggle to put into words what it means to be from a small town in the heart of Maine.

– Jeremy “JJ” Flagg