The Culling eliminated the growing threat of mentalists in the United States. After the nuclear disaster in New England, President Joyce assigns Mark Davis to oversee the New York Research Facility, including its studies of mentalists and their abilities. But seeing the potential of mentalists, the program is expanded with military operations. Operation Second Sight is launched within the Research Facility.

The initial program included a “gifted” person and their handler. Missions are assigned based on abilities and relied on stealth. Initial reports state that “gifted” subjects remained hostile to the inclusion of military operations. All files pertaining to mission specifics have been redacted. However, there are roughly a dozen mission reports. The identity of the subjects involved remains a mystery.

When the Nostradamus Effect creates powered individuals across the globe, the threat of “gifted” people begins anew. Tensions continue to rise as the populace fears the capabilities of these individuals. In 2025, to create a more cohesive military, the Corp is formed and synthetic soldiers are introduced. While they police the streets, President Joyce continues to expand internal operations to see to the oversight of the growing Children of Nostradamus situation.

In the Summer of 2028, the Paladin project is developed within the Corps. A decorated soldier with the military, the Nostradamus Effect, transforms Jasmine Gentile. With the threat of a dishonorable discharge, she is enlisted into the Paladin pilot program. Offered a choice between her own six-person team, or expulsion from the Corps, she assumes leadership of the elite unit.

To ensure Gentile’s obedience, the Body Shop inserts a remote detonator at the base of her brainstem. However, to the surprise of the Corps’ General, Gentile performs beyond expectations. Due to her natural immunity to radiation, the Paladin unit is used in hot zones such as New England and in all Children related incidents.

Reports involving the Paladin become few and far between leading up to the Incident at the New York Research Facility. Gentile is reported as being present however, there are no military reports indicating Paladin involvement. However, later, during the Battle of Chicago, the Paladins are sighted as fighting alongside the Children of Nostradamus. It remains unclear if this is a military sanctioned partnership, or the result of a rogue soldier.