Patrick “Patches” Kilgannon

Patrick “Patches” Kilgannon is born in 2012 shortly before the Nostradamus Effect transforms the globe. A third generation Scot, his family resides in the western suburbs of Chicago. When a friend at school is outed as a Child of Nostradamus, he sees firsthand the hostility toward those with gifts. Not knowing what happened to his classmate, Patches assumes the worst. This begins self-isolating behavior and ultimately seeks therapy for help with his anxiety.

Determined to rise above poverty, he applies to the University of Chicago and is awarded a full scholarship. Patches majors in literature and pours himself into his studies. At the request of his parents, he moves into the dorms of his sophomore year. Wanting to fit in, he tags along with his roommate to a frat party and finds himself in the middle of a drunken brawl. Getting decked, he returns to his dorm room. Unable to shake the tingling sensation from what he believes to be drugs in the beer, he opts for a cold shower where he crushes a bathroom sink. Patches is terrified to discover he’s a Child of Nostradamus.

He isolates and, returning his junior year, opts for a single occupancy dorm room. He begins his internship at the university library, working in the reference section. During the second week of classes, campus goes into lockdown as synthetics invade Chicago. He and the other librarians hide until a lone synthetic find them. He’s outed as a Child of Nostradamus as he trades blows and dismantles the robot. Despite their gratitude, it’s apparent that there is no going back into hiding.

While Chicago is in disarray after the attack, Patches sees the Children of Nostradamus being heralded as heroes. The city welcomes their support in rebuilding the Loop and awards the Nighthawks medals of bravery. Patches hopes attitudes toward Children are moving in a positive direction. However, Patches’s parents are not so supportive when they receive an anonymous video showing Patches fighting with the synthetic.

Not wanting to return home after graduation, Patches rents a small studio apartment in Chicago. He returns to university to get his Masters in Library Sciences and often says he prefers the company of books over people. But when his landlord discovers he’s a Child, it’s obvious that the goodwill awarded the Nighthawks is already fading. When he receives a mysterious letter from Eleanor P. Valentine, he decides something in his life needs to change. He ventures into a Child Information Center and discovers that Troy is accepting all Children into their community. Feeling let down by Chicago, he signs up and journeys to Troy.

History repeats itself only days after he arrives. Synthetics attack and he’s left to defend the library and save Eve Cowan. Afterward, the council overseeing Troy throws him in lockup, suspecting he sabotaged their defenses. Eve rescues him and follows her into Boston, where they uncover a conspiracy involving the British Empire and their version of the Nighthawks.