Anoint the Daughter

The Dawning of Heroes Book 2


Ghosts of the future do not lie.

For Eleanor, the future is written in stone, or is it? As a bloody war spreads across Europe, the mob seizes control of New York City. Unable to stand by as a crime lord threatens her home, Eleanor stalks the streets in a mask, weaponizing her ability to see the future. But when the Society strikes first, she finds herself face-to-face against a foe with gifts of her own.

There must always be four.

Eleanor finds the Society has its hooks in more than just mobsters. Those around her are keeping secrets and she questions every relationship. When the Society offers Eleanor a position amongst their ranks, can she resist the promise of power? Eleanor finds herself at a crossroads as she weighs the future as it is, or the future it could be, and her decision will reverberate across time.

Fans of alternative history, urban fantasy, and women who defy expectations will cheer for Eleanor as she becomes the vigilante New York City needs.

:. Hardbound | Paperback | eBook | Audio
:. Print: 240 Pages
:. Audio: 6 Hours and 56 Minutes and Narrated by Robin J. Sitten