The Synthetic Wars Book 1


He didn’t ask for limitless power.

Conthan’s only talents are his sarcasm and provocative art. This changes when he discovers that he is a Child of Nostradamus with the ability to teleport. After accidentally killing a Marine with his newfound powers, Conthan finds himself hunted by the military’s synthetic army.

But he’s not the only one in danger.

With the way his life is going, Conthan isn’t surprised to find his future entwined with a violent telepath determined to corrupt Children. Between the government, the military, and a madman all out to kill him, it seems things couldn’t get any worse. But time is running out, and Conthan finds his only allies are refugees hiding in the radioactive wastelands of New England. As he unravels a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the country, will he sacrifice his humanity to become a hero?

The Synthetic Wars is a dystopian sci-fi series featuring superheroes. Fans of X-Men and broken futures will love this fast-paced series introducing the Children of Nostradamus Universe.

:. Hardbound | Paperback | eBook | Audio
:. Print:312 Pages
:. Audio: 8 Hours and 18 Minutes and Narrated by Robin J. Sitten