Seraph Falling

Wayward Orphans Book 2


It’s a simple mission. What could go wrong?

Eve traded a coveted spot on the Sentinels to infiltrate the heart of London. She uncovers a conspiracy threatening to destroy Europe. Unlike the Free Republic, the British Empire is crawling with enhanced soldiers and superpowered Knights of Winchester. All of them want her dead.

A tyrant rises to power while Europe is under siege.

Cybernetically enhanced zealots capture Patches and promise him a swift execution. Abandoning any hope of being rescued, only he can save him and his Scottish kin. What must he sacrifice to ensure he doesn’t find himself on the wrong end of a noose? But a question remains: who really pulls the strings?

The Sentinels didn’t stand a chance.

:. Hardbound or Paperback
:. 404 Pages