Suburban Zombie High

Suburban Zombie High Book 1


The zombie apocalypse is the only thing worse than a geometry pop quiz...

Boxford High pranksters cause a chemistry lab to go wrong and students face something far worse than S.A.T.'s and cafeteria lunches - an infection turning students into zombies scouring the halls for human flesh.

A group of unlikely companions; an artistic goth, star-athlete jock, disgruntled loner, would-be marine, sassy cheerleader, and angry Asian, fend off the living dead. As they fight through locker rooms and dance their way across the theater, they find surviving the zombie apocalypse is more complicated than puberty.

Will they be able to put aside their differences and fend off the zombie hoard before the infection reaches beyond the walls of their suburban high school?

Buy the Suburban Zombie High today and embrace the over-the-top horror of being a teenager as the world burns to the ground.

:. Hardbound | Paperback | eBook | Audio
:. Print: 297 Pages
:. Audio: 5 Hours and 31 Minutes and Narrated by Michael Bower