Quebec City, Canada

Canada is known for its technological advances and global humanitarian efforts. Their response to the 1992 nuclear crisis in the United States of America garnered international accolades and respect from world powers. When the Heritage Party, led by Jean-Luc Baptiste, takes control in 2030, they moved Parliament, the capitol, to Quebec City. 

In 2012, while the rest of the world witnesses the emergence of gifted individuals following the Nostradamus Effect, Canada by comparison does not. But unlike their neighbors to the south, Canadian officials were quick to put policies into place protecting the rights of all Children of Nostradamus. They also developed the Open Child Policy, allowing all Children of Nostradamus to acquire Canadian citizenship after two-years of service to the National Science Initiative.

Located in Quebec, the N.S.I. researches the powers behind the Children of Nostradamus in a manner celebrated as civil, more so, when compared to the imprisonment research performed by the U.S. Post-citizenship, many Children remain members of the N.S.I., helping them advance technologies to better mankind. These breakthroughs have included technologies to offset global warming, purify unsanitary water, and improve medical care.

After 2012, Canada’s improved technologies are met with criticism and legal action from Genesis Division. After insinuations from President Cecilia Joyce, Canada closes American borders to all except for citizens and refugee Children. This begins ongoing hostility between the two nations. While the United States falls into disrepair and turns their attentions toward civil unrest, Canada reaches a new golden age.

In 2030, Quebec City, known for its historical landmarks, and sweeping vistas of the St. Lawrence River, is selected as the new base of operations for Parliament. While met with criticism based on its non-central location, it serves as both an air and sea launchpad for humanitarian aid and provides proximity to military operations at Citadelle of Quebec. 

After years of disrepair, Parliment acquires the former Château Frontenac, converting it for their general assembly. A restoration project is launched upgrading and enhancing the embedded technologies throughout the entirety of Old Quebec City. While preserving the historic buildings, the city is reinforced with unknown technology and promises to be combat ready should any nation threaten their way of life.

Defying their long-standing neutral stance in global conflicts, Canada pledges aide to Chicago Citizens during the Battle for Chicago at Millennium Park. Seen as a critical element in the success against President Jacobs, a peace is brokered between Canada and the Free Republic of America. They do not, however, reopen their borders to the Free Republic.