Books Published: 2
Books Written: 2

I started 2015 sitting at a bench in Starbucks, typing away across from Cristina, a fellow writer. We stopped to talk goals and the failure of New Years resolutions. She had decided instead of a resolution, she was going to pick a word that would guide her year. It was genius, a small pep-talk in a single word that would help propel me through the trials and tribulations of the upcoming word. With so much on my plate, there was a single phrase that came to mind. I wanted to finish, to end, and to be done with several large taxing projects. From this emerged my word: conclude.

To Conclude

In retrospect, there was so much on my plate, I’m not sure I would ever be capable of completing it all. But there was much I finished/terminated/ended in 2015. While I didn’t reach every goal, the list of things I finished was impressive for me.

  1. I.Am.Maine In early February, I put to rest, a project that had consumed my life and my writing for several years. The emotional investment for this project was intense and while it had become my outlet for my grief and sorrow, it was time to finish. The book hit the market and because of the amazing people I knew growing up, it exceeded my expectations and made multiple top lists on Amazon. Hearing the stories it invoked in others was the most rewarding as it gave me the confidence to move into bigger projects.
  2. Suburban Zombie High: The Reunion & The Final Class While I had thought it would be released earlier, it wasn’t until June I finished this project. It hit the market and followed suit with the first book. The comments people made were positive and they enjoyed the fast paced adventure it took them on. Their kind words had me start the final book, “The Final Class” of the series in hopes to be released early in 2016. While the writing for that book went well, it had its bumps and bruises as it is only half completed.
  3. Children of Nostradamus: Nighthawks This book has been a labor of love and during the course of 2015 went through major edits at the suggestion of beta readers. The overhaul changed the book, maturing it and giving it the final touches it really needed. With the help of my writing group and a delightful young lady from Alaska, I prepared my query letter and solicited a multitude of publishers. I landed my first small press contract in the fall of 2015 and would result in me spending a good chunk of my fall editing and preparing this book for release in March of 2016.
  4. I.Am.Maine: Snapshots of Small Town Maine While I made steady progress to completing this project, I didn’t quite get it where I wanted it. I found myself a bit consumed with the creative process and unable to produce work that met my definition of “satisfactory.” I hemmed and hawed until I had to shelf the project until I was able to dedicate more attention to it. Thankfully, it’s not far from being done and will see the light of day during 2016.
  5. Graphic Design Text Book This project sat on a shelf all year. I stared at it with contempt. It would not be touched. This year however, I have allotted space to at least make progress with it.
  6. New Series There was a new book on the docket to be written this year. I set it as my NaNoWriMo challenge and while I made steady progress in the book. I reached a point where it had jumped the shark and was a mangled mess I couldn’t rectify. I will however be revisiting it as there is promise, just need some more work on the characters and the plot and I think it’ll be a great single book that will keep readers amused and laughing. Soon.

While I didn’t hit all my benchmarks or meet all my deadlines, I made significant progress to my overall writing career. This has changed the course of 2016 for me and now I’m looking forward thinking what will this year bring? What projects will be added and what projects will be abandoned. I’m thinking it may be time to try some new smaller challenges instead of these frequent large time sucking goals. I’m on a hunt for a word, something that will guide me for the next twelve months. I’ll have one soon, and it’ll be a constant reminder of moving forward, letting go, and taking strides in a positive direction. Soon, I’ll have it.